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Elden Ring Review (PS5): A Thrilling Journey Through a Dark Fantasy World

  • Game Story And Characters - 89%
  • Open-World Design - 92%
  • Graphics and Sound Design - 90%
  • Gameplay - 84%
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As I sat down to play Elden Ring for the first time, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that drew so many fans to this enchanting game. Was it the stunning graphics that transported me to a mystical world? 

Perhaps it was the riveting storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat. Or maybe it was the unforgiving yet rewarding gameplay that left me itching for more? As I delved deeper into the game, I realised that it was, in fact, a harmonious blend of all these elements that made Elden Ring so wildly popular. 

In this Elden Ring review (PS5), I’ll be guiding new fans on what to expect from this spellbinding game while also reaffirming to veteran fans why they fell in love with Elden Ring in the first place. So grab a cup of coffee and join me as we embark on a journey through the Lands Between!

Pros and Cons of the Elden Ring PS5

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of the Elden Ring PS5 game:


  • The game is very fun to play
  • It won the game of the year 2022
  • It’s very popular online.
  • The storyline is long.
  • They are plenty of side quests.
  • The map size is huge.


  • The game is extremely difficult.
  • Too many boss fights
  • Not enough accessibility options
  • Punishes you for dying.

Brief Overview Of Elden Ring

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware Inc, is a highly acclaimed action role-playing game released in February 2022. Set in the vast open-world of the Lands Between, players assume the role of the Tarnished, a unique protagonist tasked with reclaiming the fragmented Elden Ring. With its high difficulty level, the game has been compared to Dark Souls 3 and offers a variety of weapons and magic options. 

While the disabled community has criticised the game’s accessibility options, ongoing updates and patches have improved the gameplay experience. Elden Ring’s impact on gaming culture and pop culture is undeniable, and it offers a memorable adventure for fans of RPG games and the Soulsborne series.

Elden Ring
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment, FromSoftware (JP)
DirectorHidetaka Miyazaki
PlatformPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Release DateFebruary 25, 2022
GenreAction role-playing
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer
Minimum PC System Requirements Windows 10, Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, 12 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD Radeon RX 580 4 GB
Recommended PC Requirements Windows 10/11, Intel Core i7-8700K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8 GB, DirectX 12, 60 GB storage
Elden Ring Review
Table Of Contents
  1. Pros and Cons of the Elden Ring PS5
  2. Brief Overview Of Elden Ring
  3. Elden Ring: The Released Date On All Platforms
  4. Elden Ring Review: Graphics And Visual
  5. Elden Ring Review: Gameplay Mechanics
  6. Elden Ring Review: Open World Exploration
  7. Elden Ring Review: Story And Lore
  8. Elden Ring Review: Multiplayer And Online Feature
  9. Elden Ring Review: The Game Difficulty And Challenge
  10. Bug Issues, Patches And Updates
  11. Elden Ring PS5 Gamepad Controls
  12. Recommendations For Fans Of Rpg Games And The Souls Borne Series
  13. Overall Impression And Lasting Appeal
  14. Final Thoughts On Elden Ring’s Place In The Gaming Landscape
  15. Conclusion
  16. FAQs: Elden Ring Review (PS5)
  17. Game Image Gallery – Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring: The Released Date On All Platforms

Elden Ring was officially launched on various platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on February 25, 2022.

Collaboration Between Hidetaka Miyazaki And George R.R. Martin

Who is Hidetaka Miyazaki?

Hidetaka Miyazaki is the visionary mastermind behind the entire Soulsborne video game series, which includes the captivating world of Elden Ring. His creative prowess has shaped the unforgettable gaming experiences that have enthralled countless fans across the globe.

Who is George R.R. Martin?

George R.R. Martin is the renowned author of the New York Times best-selling fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. In a groundbreaking collaboration, he joined forces with Hidetaka Miyazaki to craft the immersive world of Elden Ring, weaving together the game’s setting, overarching lore, and intricate relationships spanning a rich 5,000-year history. This unique partnership between two creative titans is a key ingredient in what makes Elden Ring a truly exceptional gaming experience beyond just its remarkable graphics.

Elden Ring Review - Graphics And Visual

Elden Ring Review: Graphics And Visual

In the following sections, we will delve into the remarkable graphics and visual details that bring the world of Elden Ring to life.

Elden Ring Comparison To Previous FromSoftware Games

There is much to discuss when examining the graphics and visuals of Elden Ring compared to other games developed by FromSoftware Inc. Here are some essential details you should be aware of:

Elden Ring Vs Sekiro

  • Elden Ring is fully optimized to be played on the next-generation console, such as the PS5 and XBOX series X|S; on the other hand, Sekiro was released on the PS4 and XBOX ONE.
  • Elden Ring also by frame rate is higher at 60fps on the console, while Sekiro was made to handle a 30fps console.
  • Elden’s ring is also more colourful and visually more stimulating, while Sekiro’s isn’t all too colourful.

Elden Ring Vs Darksouls 3

  • Elden Ring has a better frame rate at 60fps on the console, while Darksouls 3 has a frame rate of 30fps.
  • Elden Ring in lighting and colour is very sharp, while Darksouls 3 is dark and gloomy.
  • Elden Ring is fully optimised to be played on the next generation consoles, such as the PS5 and XBOX ONE, while Darksouls 3 was released on the PS4 and XBOX ONE.
Technical Improvements On The PlayStation 5

Technical Improvements On The PlayStation 5

The Elden Ring runs best on the PS5, even against same-generation consoles. Here are some reasons why.

Playstation 5 Vs Xbox Series

Resolution: Elden Ring on the PlayStation 5 has a 3840x2160p resolution, and while in gameplay, the resolution drops to about 2688×1512. The XBOX series X is almost on par with the PlayStation 5, but the Playstation 5 edges out with a resolution of 1620p to the XBOX series X 1512p. So the PS5 has about a 12 to 15 percent gain against the XBOX Series X.

Framerate: Although Elden Ring is capped at 60fps on the console. The PlayStation 5 still hits about 47fps, while the XBOX series X is about 45fps. They both hit about the same 30fps on average, but the PS5 just still has that edge over the XBOX series X.

Still, when you compare the PS5’s frame rate against the XBOX series X while running Elden Ring, the PS5 edges out with a 10 to 20 percent refresh rate on things like, fill rate and shadow map sections.

Load Speed: The Playstation 5 wins the load time battle over the series X. This time by a large amount of 6.3 seconds to load for the PS5, while the XBOX series X takes about 17.8 seconds to load, and 18 seconds on the series S. The PS5 is almost three times faster than the XBOX series X|S.

In a game where speed counts for everything, the PS5 is the better choice to run Elden Ring on, especially when it comes to combat.

Elden Ring Review - Gameplay Mechanics

Elden Ring Review: Gameplay Mechanics

Elden Ring falls under the class of an action RPG game; we would be taking an in-depth look at the core combat systems.

Core Combat System

  1. Melee: The use of armaments in Elden Ring is the primary way of dealing damage. They are, however, 3 different styles of armaments in the game, and these are the available style;
  2. One-Handed Weapons: This armament style has the player equipped with a sword, axe, mace, staff, etc on one hand and a shield on the opposing hand. This type of combat favours a more balanced style of play in the game, offering both good melee damage and defensive protection.
  1. Two-Handed Weapons: This weapon style has the player equipped with an axe, or great sword, which offers you more melee damage but is weak in defence as it doesn’t allow you to block.
  1. Dual-Wielding: This weapon style comes equipped with a sword, dagger, axe, etc., on both hands. While you are granted the capability of fast-paced combos and more melee damage, this weapon style lacks defensive attributes.

Ranged Combat: Long-ranged combat in Elden Ring has different effective ranges, stats requirements, and special abilities, with each suited to a slightly different application. Every class of ranged weapon is also compatible with unique ammunition.

For example, if you want to use a bow or crossbow, you will need to craft or buy arrows and bolts, respectively.

Also, each type of ammunition has two dedicated slots in the equipment tab on the main menu, so for you to fire a ranged weapon, the correct type of ammunition must be equipped in the corresponding slot.

Rolling & Equip Load: In Elden Ring, the rolling mechanic works in unison to determine how much weight is equipped on the character. 

For example, if the weight of your armour plus any weapon equipped is less than 30% of your overall equipment load, you would be able to do a quick roll, which offers maximum speed and travel distance.

And also, anything less than 70% would give you a medium-paced roll, which also offers you decent distance and speed. Anything over 70% of equipment weight and you would experience a slow roll that covers very little distance.

Tool Belt & Pouch: Your tool belt is a slot that allows you to keep and select items you find in the game. There is a quick select option available to you in-game, and this comes in handy while in combat to either heal or select another item that aids you in combat.

The pouch system is new in the soul-borne series, which is also basically a quick select slot different from the tool belt that you can access in combat. It gives you a different option aside from your traditional tool belt.

New Features And Mechanics Unique To Elden Ring

New Features And Mechanics Unique To Elden Ring

They are some new features that have been added to Elden Ring, and these are some of the note-worthy additions.

Mounted Combat: This is new to every Soulsborne game that is out there. Being that Elden Ring is an open-world game, the addition of a mouth is an exclusive feature of Elden Ring. 

Your mount that is summoned through a horn item in the game is known as Torrent and is a mystical horse that, asides from making travelling in this large open world quicker, it is also used for fast-paced, evasive combat.

Stealth Mechanics: This gameplay style isn’t exclusive to Elden Ring. However, Elden Ring adds a unique spin to it.

The sneaking animation is activated when the player crouches and, depending on the armour equipped, muffles their footsteps more; for example, if the player is wearing light armour, the player’s feet are more muffled than when the player is wearing heavy armour.

Also, the sneak attack mechanism only becomes available to the player to execute if you crouch up close to an enemy from behind. 

Also, this gameplay style can be fully optimized if you decide to pick the bandit class or spend skill points on the stealth and dexterity stat.

Character Progression And Customization

Elden Ring has made a lot possible here when it comes to character customisation. So there is a lot to think about before starting the game and while in the game, such as;

Classes and Starting Equipment

These are the inbuilt classes and weaponry made available when you start the game.

The Hero: This is a straightforward melee class that begins the game with high strength, endurance, and vigor stats, alongside a one-handed axe and medium-sized shield.

The Bandit: This isn’t a powerful build and is more of a niche type of character build. The bandit starts the game out with high points in arcane and dexterity, while all the other stats begin fairly low.

The bandit begins the game with a dagger and bow and arrow, a stealth base build.

The Vagabond: This is a sturdy build that comes equipped with heavy armour, a straight sword, and a solid shield. This build starts the game out with high stats in vigor and a balanced share in strength and dexterity stats.

This makes this build when starting the idle class for those who favour close-quarter combat over ranged.

The Astrologer: This class specialises in magic and sorcery. The astrologer comes equipped with a staff for casting spells and a short sword for light melee attacks. This build starts the game with high stats in mind and intelligence.

The Warrior: This character build focuses on the dual-wielding combat system. This build starts with high dexterity stats and is equipped with two daggers.

The downside to the character build, asides from being poor defensively, is that it starts with very low stats in vigor and strength.

The Prisoner: This is the most unusual class in Elden Ring. This character build starts the game with a very unusual iron mask, a stock sword, and a staff for casting spells.

Asides from its weird appearance, this build is a solid hybrid build that starts with high stats in dexterity and intelligence. The downside of this build though is that you start with low HP and stamina stats.

The Confessor: This is a hybrid class that comes with high stats in faith and also a balance in strength and dexterity stats.

This character class build comes equipped with a broadsword and a finger seal for casting incantations. The con of this build is that it has low stats in vigor.

The Prophet: The character build starts with a spear and finger seal for casting incantations. This character builds also starts with a high start in faith and balanced strength stats but has very low stats in vigor.

The Samurai: This is a powerful build from the start, coming equipped with a Kitana, longbow, and as well as sturdy samurai armour.

It is a character build focused on dexterity, with a balanced spread in both vigor and endurance. The downside with this build is that it starts with low intelligence and faith stats.

The Wretch: This is a rather odd build that starts half-naked with no armour and just a club.

This character build gives players a chance to customize their character anyhow they may like, with all stats starting at 10; this build is rather flexible. The downside to the build is that it would be hard to max out a particular stat.

Elden Ring PS5 Review - Abilities

Elden Ring Review: Abilities

They are a vast amount of abilities to choose from in Elden Ring. I will be running down this list and explaining to you what they do in the game.

Ashes Of War

In Elden Ring, the Ashes of War ability allows you to replace weapon arts and affinities of your armaments with new ones.

Although you can’t do this with special weapons, and not all weapons are compatible with every type of armament. However, every Ash of War contains a specific weapon art, plus an affinity. Which the Ash of War would pass on to any armament it’s equipped on.

For instance, a fire-based Ash of War, if equipped on your sword, would give it lightning damage. You can access this ability at a Site of Grace or a blacksmith’s forge when you have acquired a whetstone knife from the gate front rune in Limgrave.

As you progress in the game, you would gain more affinities available to your list as you acquire upgraded whetstones through the game.

What are Affinities in Elden Ring


What are Affinities in Elden Ring?

These are the elemental powers and scaling value of an armament. They decide how much impact your character’s attribute has on the attack on a particular weapon. 

Certain affinities also bestow elemental damage or status ailments on weapons.

  • Fire Affinity:  Weakens standard scaling, although it splits the weapon’s damage between physical and fire damage.
  • Sacred Affinity: This adds fifth scaling to a weapon while splitting the damage between physical and holy.
  • Lightning Affinity: This splits the weapon damage between physical and lightning damage.
  • Poison Affinity:  This enhances strength, dexterity, and arcane skills while adding poison build-up to attacks.
  • Cold Affinity: This weakens default scaling but enhances intelligence and frostbite build-up to your attacks.
  • Blood Affinity: This weakens the default weapon scaling but enhances arcane and adds a bleed build-up to your attacks.
  • Occult Affinity:  This enhances arcane scaling and prevents the revival of undead enemies.

Playing a difficult game like Elden Ring, you would find that any advantage on the enemy is key to you defeating them. Hence, having abilities like affinities is a welcomed customisable combat feature.

Crafting And Upgradable In Elden Ring

Crafting And Upgradable In Elden Ring

Elden Ring has variations of upgrades and crafting items, each with its uses. Here are the key upgrade features in levelling up your character build.

Craftable Items


These consist of such things as arrows for bows and bolts for crossbows. The materials needed to craft such items are scattered across the LandsBetween, such as metals and wood.

The wood is obtained from some short-growing trees you can interact with, and the metals are obtained from metal deposits you can interact with within the game.

Potions and Elixirs

These are items that are crafted from specific plants in the world of Elden Ring. These items are very useful to have in battle, such as health potions, stamina potions, and magic Elixirs.

Some of these potions, asides from health boosts, also increase some stats in your character for an amount of time.

Elden Ring Review - PS5

Spirit Ashes

These are reusable items you add to your tools belt and are used to summon spectral creatures and other NPC companions.

You first gain this item from a witch called Ranni in the church of Ella or buy it at the round table held by the twin maiden husks.

The spirit ashes are also upgradeable when you meet an NPC called Roderica outside Stormvile castle and have completed. Subsequently, you would find materials needed to craft the upgrades, such as runes, grave warts, and glove warts.

Ashes Of War

This is an upgradable item that allows you to modify your weapon to add either elemental damage or status ailments to your weapon.

The use of the Ash of War is possible in Elden Ring after you have acquired the whetstone. Then to access the Ash of War, the player would have to use a site of grace or a blacksmith forge.

The item is upgradable, as you would either find upgraded whetstones or upgrade them yourself to increase the list of affinities available to you as you explore the LandsBetween.

Skill Tree

This is the foundation of the character built in Elden Ring. This is because stats such as vigor, strength, dexterity, mind, intelligence, etc., all vary depending on the class.

The stats are all upgradeable, and the higher a particular stat or stats are, determines how your character would be affected.

For example; 

  • Vigor: Affects your overall health points.
  • Endurance: Affects your player’s overall stamina.
  • Strength: It affects how much damage you can deal with and also take; it also affects what type of weapon your character would be most effective with.
  • Mind: Affects the cool-down time of your magic.
  • Intelligence: Affects the overall total of your magic points.
  • Dexterity: Affects the agility of your player.
  • Faith: This allows your player to deal more damage to the undead.
  • Arcane: This affects the amount of poison damage you can inflict.

The list of stats goes on, all with their attributes and how they affect your character’s gameplay.

Elden Ring Review - Open World Exploration

Elden Ring Review: Open World Exploration

Elden Ring is the first open-world game that Fromsoftware Inc has done, and you could say they did get a lot right in how much detail they put into the LandsBetween

But I would let you make that decision for yourself after reading this section of the article.

  1. The Lands Between And Interconnected Regions

The LandsBetween in Elden Ring is a huge world where the game takes place and is estimated to be about 30.5 square miles. What this means for your fans out there is that the LandsBetween is sure to keep you busy exploring its huge landscape of dungeons and castles for a very long time.

The world of Elden Ring was designed like a maze with a lot of interconnecting regions. An example of such regions is the Catacombs and the Giant’s Hero Grave.

They are several locations like this where you go in through one location and end up in a different location. And if you ask me, this is one of the features that make this game so interesting to explore.

  1. Point Of Interest And Landmarks

The Elden Ring map is riddled with a plethora of point-of-interest locations on the map and a sea of landmarks to discover. 

Though, unlike other open-world games that mark points of interest and landmarks on the map, Elden Ring doesn’t do the same.

It would be strange to some fans that have come accustomed to open-world games with compasses and waypoints. To find that Elden Ring purposely excludes these features.

Although just for this article, here are some landmarks to check out during your play-through.

  1. The Second Church of Marika
  1. Leyndell Royal Capital
  1. Ordina, Liturgical Town
  1. Church of Repose
  1. Flame peak
  1. Volcano Manor, etc.

The LandsBetween is a very detailed world with so many features and elements coming together to make the world as realistic and interesting as possible.

  1. Dynamic Weather 

In Elden Ring, there is a variation of weather patterns that further immerse you into the Lands Between. The weather could either be bright and sunny or dark and stormy.

Did you know? 

Aside from the weather being aesthetically pleasing, it also affects some combat. 

For example, it was discovered by some players that in sunny weather, fire spells did more damage than when they were used under the rain. The same is true also for lightning spells being more effective during a storm.

For this fact alone, Elden Ring has taken the realism mark up another level.

Elden Ring Story And Lore

Elden Ring Review: Story And Lore

The Elden Ring lore is set 5000 years before the main story of the game even happens. In a dark fantasy medieval world where giants and dragons ruled unchallenged, that is until the arrival of the Greater Will.

The Elden Rings Significants To The Game World

To begin with, the Elden Ring in the game was the sole symbol of great power in the LandsBetween possessed by the Elden Beast, although the ring isn’t a physical ring but a rune that controls the forces of nature, according to the lore of Elden Ring.

Eventually, the Elden Ring is shattered by Marika the Eternal, and the fragments are scattered among 6 demigods. Who all want the power all to themselves, which eventually is the cause of the Shattering War, thus leading up to the current events that unfold in the game.

Main Story Progression And Key Characters

Main Story Progression And Key Characters

This is an Elden Ring straight-to-the-point guide on how you, as the main protagonist, can progress the story of Elden Ring effortlessly. 

  • Stranded Graveyard

Elden Ring’s story begins in the chapel of anticipation, where our character awakens. Upon leaving the chapel, your character would eventually come across the Grafted Scion. After your battle wins or loses, you will be teleported to the Stranded Graveyard.

  • Limgrave

When you finally leave the Stranded Graveyard, you will eventually find yourself in Limgrave. Free to explore as you like, you would then come across the Grace at Gatefront, which is where you start your adventure from.

  • Stormvil

You are now on the way to Stormveil castle, but the path to Stormveil lays the treacherous Stormhill. As you make your way down this path, you eventually come across your first mandatory boss called Margit the Fell Omen. To progress the story, you must then defeat Margit.

  • Stormveil Castle

After killing Margit in the Elden Ring story, you then proceed on the story path to Stormveil Castle. Your hero’s first encounter with a dungeon, swarming with enemies, traps, and also two optional bosses in the form of the Grafted Scion and Lion Guard.

Once deep into the dungeon, you would come across another mandatory boss called Godrick the Grafted. Once you have defeated him, your next destination would be Liruna of the Lake.

  • Caria Manor

Through exploring Liruna of the Lake, you would eventually stumble onto the path of the Caria Manor.

Once inside the dungeon, upon your exit, you would come across the main boss of Caria’s dungeon called Royal Knight Loretta. After defeating her, the player would have successfully advanced the story.

  • Academy Of Raya Lucaria

After Caria Manor, you would eventually make your way through the Lands Between and then find your way to the academy.

Once in the academy, the player would be confronted by two main story bosses called the Red Wolf of Radagon and Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon. After you defeat them, you would have progressed into the storyline one step further.

  • The Grand Lift Of Dectus And Altus Plateau

Upon exploring the Lands Between as your hero, you would then have to find a way using the Grand Lift of Dectus to the Altus Plateau. This would set you on the path of the main storyline.

  • Volcano Manor

After Altus Plateau, your best bet would be to make your way to the Volcano Manor. Once inside, you would come across another mandatory boss called the god-devouring serpent.

After engaging the serpent and besting it, then Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, would appear for round two of an intense battle.

  • Capital Outskirt

Once you have successfully defeated Rykard and the god-devouring serpent, your next destination should be the Royal Capital of Leyndell.

 Upon reaching Leyndell, your hero would have the option to battle the Dracon Tree Sentinel, which blocks the way to Leyndell or sneak past this monster.

  • Leyndell Royal Capital

Upon reaching the royal capital, when you get inside, you would engage in battle with numerous powerful enemies. While fighting through, you would then come across your first mandatory boss called Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

After you defeat Godfrey, our players would then find themselves at the heart of Leyndell, where they would come across the final boss for this dungeon in Morgott, the Omen King.

  • Mountaintop Of The Giants

As you have fallen the last major boss in Morgott the Omen King, you will finally make your way to the giant’s peak to begin the Elden Ring’s endgame.

The path is once again blocked by a boss in the Fire Giant. Once this foe is slain, you would then be free to proceed to the Forge of the Giants.

  • Forge Of The Giants

Once at the forge, talk to Melina or Sentinel Flame (depending on the choices you have made leading up to the forge). Once you do that, you will have successfully progressed into the main story.

  • Crumbling Farum Azula

After the forge of the dragon cutscene, you are then teleported to Crumbling Farum Azula. Once inside the Crumbling Farum Azula, upon exploring, you would then stumble upon another mandatory boss in the form of the God skin duo, the God skin Apostle and God skin Noble.

After these two foes have been vanquished simultaneously, you would then come across the final boss for the Crumbling Farum called Gurranq, Beast Clergyman. Upon halfway into the fight, Gurranq reveals his final form as Maliketh, the Black Blade.

After you have defeated this foe, you would then make your path to the Leyndell Ashen Capital to further the story.

  • Leyndell Ashen Capital

Once you have arrived at the Leyndell Ashen Capital, the first mandatory boss you would face in this Ashen version of Leyndell is Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing.

While your player explores deeper into the   Ashen Capital, he will eventually stumble across the final boss for the Ashen Capital called Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. This is a rematch from the first time you defeated him at the capital, but this time he is a bit more powerful.

Halfway into this fight, Godfrey then reveals his final form as Hoarah Loux, Warrior. After players have successfully defeated this boss, you would then, most importantly, unlock the path to the Erd Tree.

  • Elden Throne

After progressing from the Ashen Capital, upon entering the Erd Tree, you are thrust into the final area of Elden Ring, the Elden Throne. You then come across the final boss, Radagon of the Golden Order. 

Upon engaging with Radagon, halfway through the battle, he gets more difficult. If you then manage to defeat him, the fight isn’t yet over. For this is only the first act.

The second act sees Radagon revealing himself as the Elden Beast, which is the true final boss fight in Elden Ring. This battle is said to be the toughest in the whole game, according to some players in the online Elden Ring community.

Now you have finished the game and have successfully become the Elden Lord, but not to worry, there is still a lot for you to explore and do in the LandsBetween, such as numerous side quests, hidden locations, and Easter eggs.

  1. Sidequests And Optional Content

There are a lot of these so-called side quests and optional content throughout the lands in Elden Ring. I will be taking you through these quests in this segment of the article. 

  • Alexander The Iron Fist Quest

This takes place outside Stormveil Castle; as you are exploring, you come across this pot-like structure in the ground, and then when you proceed to investigate, you hear a voice coming from the pot.

The cheerful voice introduces itself as Alexander the Iron Fist and then asks you if you could set him free because he is stuck to the ground.

You then come across him a few times more at the hills of Limgrave and the Radahn Festival, where he helps you take on Star scourge Radahn. Then you find him again in Liurnia, near the Divine Tower, and once again stuck in a hole in the ground. You then have to set him free to continue the side quest.

After setting him free, he then tells you that he is off to the mountains to get stronger. You then come across him next in the middle of this lava flow, a place he only appears in after you have defeated the Magma Wyrm guarding the area. Talking to him in the lava flow, he then grants you a quest reward in the form of a pot helmet. 

The final encounter of this side quest is when you meet him at the Crumbling Farum Azula, where he challenges you to a final duel.

  • Patches Quest

Patches is a prankster/mini-boss you come across in Murkwater Cave after he tries to ambush you. He then begs you after he fails to kill you, only for him to try and sell you items at an inflated price.

After this, he also then tempts you into Murkwater cave to open a chest, which teleports you to the middle of the Mistwood Forest, surrounded by Rune bears.

If you then come across him again, he would then try to convince you to get captured by one of those iron maiden enemies. He does this by telling you that the iron maidens would take you to the base of the Erd Tree, but actually, they trap you in Volcano Manor.

You then come across him at Mount Gelmir, where he tries again to prank you by luring you to the edge of the mountain and then kicking you off the side of the mountain.

After your encounter at Mount Gelmir, you come across him at Volcano Manor and then finally at the Shaded Castle. Where you are free to kill him because that is the only place you would see him again.

  • Blaidds Quest

You come across him in Limgrave, where you hear a howl. After you hear the howls, what you do next is talk to a shopkeeper about what you heard.

He then teaches you how to snap. If you then use the snap at the Mistwood Ruins, you would then find a half-wolf warrior by the name of Blaidd.

Although without doing all of this, you would eventually come across him when doing the Ranni the Witch quest line because he works for the witch.

Your last encounter with him, though, ends in tragedy as you finish the Ranni the Witch quest and come back to her lair. You would find that Blaidd has gone feral, thus leading him to attack you on sight, and the only thing you can do is kill him to end his suffering.

  • Fias Quest

You first stumble onto a lady on a bed in Round Table Hold, who offers you a hug.

After meeting her in the halls of Round Table Hold, she then requests you to give a dagger to D, the Hunter of the Dead; after doing this task on returning to the hold, you would find D, the Hunter of the Dead, on the floor, laying dead in a pool of blood. 

You wouldn’t see Fia again until further into the game. This time you meet her at the Deep root    Depth after you have defeated her guardians. You would then meet her at the foot of the Prince of Death.

If you also have been following the Ranni the Witch quest, you would eventually get the Curse Mark of Death, which you can give to Fia. On doing so, Fia then falls into a deep sleep, which after that you can choose to enter her dream and fight a new boss called the Lich Dragon.

After you kill the dragon, you get an item called the Mending Rune of the Prince of Death. This unique item unlocks a different ending in Elden Ring’s main story.

Although at the end of her quest, she is killed if you give D’s armour to his brother, as he will show up and kill Fia in her sleep to take revenge.

The fact is that Elden Ring has a lot of side quests, hidden locations, and bosses to defeat. So to be quite frank, it could be a lot for one player to handle if there wasn’t a multiplayer option at your disposal.

Note: She is also a key character in the main story of Elden Ring; her quest line sets you up with a major boss fight at the end of her quest.

Elden Ring PS5 Multiplayer And Online Feature

Elden Ring Review: Multiplayer And Online Feature

The multiplayer feature isn’t new to the SoulsBorne video games and is also a welcome addition to Elden Ring.

Cooperative Play And Summoning System

The multiplayer feature is unlocked in the game by playing in the single-player experience first. 

This is done by acquiring an item known as the summoning sign. This allows players to summon their friends or NPC to battle or be summoned themselves to battle. 

Multiplayer Summoning Items

  1. Fell-Calling Finger Remedy: When in the multiplayer menu, this lets you see summoning signs on the floor, which represent players that are willing to play in your game.
  1. Tarnished The Feld Finger: This item is used in the multiplayer menu and is used to join another person’s game. When you use this item, your summoning sign will be placed on the floor, and if a player sees you while using the Fell Calling Finger Remedy, they can accept you into their game.

There is no cross-platform gaming in Elden Ring, although there is cross-generation gaming. This means that those on the XBOX one would be able to do co-op and multiplayer gameplay with those on an XBOX series X|S and vice versa. 

And those on a Playstation 5 would be able to do co-op and multiplayer gameplay with those on a Playstation 4 and vice versa.

Player Vs Player (PvP)

Player Vs Player (PvP)

In Elden Ring, this combat feature gives you the accessibility to either challenge players to come into your game or allows you to covertly gain access to another player’s game with the use of special items you find in the single-player gameplay.

Pvp Items

  1. Duelist Feld Finger: This lets you leave a red sign on the floor that other players can see. If the player accepts the challenge, then the PvP has been initialised.
  1. Bloody Finger: This item allows you a player’s game that you are going to invade. Also known as invasion in the game.

Covenants And Multiplayer Rewards

It was first confirmed that the traditional covenant system would not be in the game in Elden Ring. Instead, Accords and Informal NPC factions would replace the covenant system.

Why, you might be asking? Well, this was done in a bid to make the PvP gameplay more accessible for players.


They are a host of factions in Elden Ring to join that grant you PvP-based items and other multiplayer rewards.

This is a list of some of the factions to join;

  1. The Mohgwyn dynasty
  1. The Carian Royal Family 
  1. Those who live in death
  1. Golden Order Faction
  1. Frenzied  Flame Faction
  1. Primaeval Sorcerers. Etc

Having this feature, without a doubt, makes Elden Ring at least less difficult and more bearable at the very least; as we all know, the game is very difficult.

Elden Ring Difficulty And Challenge

Elden Ring Review: The Game Difficulty And Challenge

Elden Ring and the SoulsBorne series is known for its very high difficulty level, with no options available to reduce the difficulty of the game.

Comparison To Previous From Software Games

Elden Ring Vs Sekiro

According to the Souls borne online community, Elden Ring is not as difficult as Sekiro, and this is because 

  • Sekiro is limited to one weapon, while Elden Ring has different weapons.
  • Sekiro focuses on more realistic sword gameplay, while Elden Ring.
  • Sekiro doesn’t make use of magic, whereas Elden Ring does.

Elden Ring Vs Dark Souls 3

According to the online souls’ community Elden Ring and Darksouls 3 are similar in difficulty level.  

The bosses, gameplay, and intricacy of the levels are very similar.

Accessibility Options

Elden Ring Review: The Game Accessibility Options

These are customisable options in a game that allows players to tailor the game according to their preferences and disabilities if possible.

Elden Ring Vs Disabled Community

The accessibility options in Elden Ring have been rated poorly by the disabled community, and here are the reasons why.

  1. No menu narration
  1. The contrast is also difficult to read.
  1. There is no subtitle background.
  1. There is no way to increase the size of the subtitle.
  1. No navigational assistance.

Main Menu Options

Here are the game options that are available in Elden Ring.

  • Game Options

Toggle Auto Lock: on or off

Auto Target: on or off

Manual attack aim: on or off

Vision function: 0 to 10

Motion sensor function: 0 to 10

Performance settings: Prioritize settings or Balanced settings

  • Sound And Display

Display blood: on or off

Subtitle: on or off

HUD: Auto or manual

Show tutorial: on or off

  • Camera Options

Camera x-axis: Normal or Invented

Camera y-axis: Normal or Invented

Reset camera y-axis: on or off

Combat speed: 0 to 10

Camera auto wall recovery: on or off

Cinematic effects: on or off

  • Network

Cross-region play: No match-making or matchmaking

Send summon sign: enabled or disabled

Voice chat: Restricted or unrestricted

Display player name: Character name or hidden

Launch setting: Play offline or play online

Data usage: Agreement or unaccepted 

  • Control Settings

Button settings:

Elden Ring Bug Issues, Patches And Updates

Bug Issues, Patches And Updates

Elden Ring, like any other game after its initial launch, subsequently has patches and updates to fix bug issues and customize the game continuously. These are the following patches and the latest updates.

Bug Issues

They have been some bug issues reported online by gamers, and this portion of this article will be aimed at informing you about such bugs and how to fix them.

  • Save Issue 

It was reported that Elden Ring didn’t save the player’s progress properly. For instance, if the console was turned off abruptly or put into rest mode.

A fix to this bug would be to exit the game by selecting the   Quit option in the game menu.

  • Buggy Summoning

They have been issues reported online with Elden Ring’s co-op system that hinders players from joining other players’ games and vice versa.

The go-to move to fix this issue would be either to restart the console or patiently wait for the server to stabilise.

  • Game Launcher Bug

Some players on PC have come across an error that read Elden Ring Failed to initialize the game launcher.

A simple fix to this is to restart your system or check the condition of the game file and then re-launch the

  • Elden Ring Crash Bug

The PC player communities of Elden Ring have reported that sometimes the game used to crash unexpectedly, back to the desktop while in the main menu or startup menu.

A quick fix to this would be to disable the Steam in-game overlay.

Although to be fair, a lot of these bugs were reported just after the launch and would have been fixed by now with multiple patches and updates.


Elden Ring, indeed has come a long way with patches and updates since its launch. The game is currently on the 1.081 patches, which has fixed a lot of bugs and added a couple of new features. Here are some new features and fixes on the 1.081 update.


  • Balance and adjustment have been improved to stabilise the gameplay.
  • New changes to spells, skills, weapons, and incantations have been made to be more versatile in terms of gameplay.
  • Fixed the problem with the crouching attack behaviour of the right-handed weapon when holding a particular weapon in the left hand.
  • Fixed the compass position bug that prevented other players’ positions from being displayed accurately on the compass and map during the multiplayer session.

Cosmetic Updates

  • They are adding 5 new hairstyles.

Pvp Exclusive Balanced Adjustment

These adjustments are specific to PvP gameplay.

  • Thrusting weapons’ counter-attack melee damage has been reduced.
  • Guard efficiency has been reduced when attacking with your shield up for stamina weapons.
  • Poise damage on the bestial incantation sling has been reduced.
  • The power of the spell Carian slicer has been reduced.
Elden Ring PS5 Gamepad Controls

Elden Ring PS5 Gamepad Controls

Character Controls

In Elden Ring, players utilise various character controls for smooth gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of each control symbol and its function:

  • ←: Switch left-hand armament
  • →: Switch right-hand armament
  • ↑: Change sorcery or incantation
  • ↓: Switch items
  • ⭘: Execute a backstep, dodge roll, or dash
  • ✖: Jump
  • △: Perform event actions (e.g., examine, open), and hold triangle with a direction for quick-saves
  • Hold △ + L1 or L2: Switch between one-handed and two-handed left-hand armaments
  • Hold △ + R1 or R2: Switch between one-handed and two-handed right-hand armaments
  • ☐: Use an item
  • Left stick: Move character
  • Right stick: Adjust the camera or change target
  • L3: Crouch or stand up
  • R3: Reset the camera, lock-on, or remove target
  • L1: Guard with left-hand armament
  • L2: Use skill
  • R1: Attack with right-hand or two-handed armament
  • R2: Perform a strong attack with right-hand or two-handed armament
  • Press and hold R2: Charge an attack
  • Option: Access the main menu
  • Touchpad button / Change View: Display the map.

Riding Controls

Elden Ring’s riding controls provide players with smooth and intuitive gameplay. Here’s an explanation of each control symbol and its respective function:

  • ←: Switch left-hand armament
  • →: Switch right-hand armament
  • ↑: Change sorcery or incantation
  • ↓: Switch items
  • ⭘: Dash while riding
  • ✖: Jump with horse, and press twice for a double jump
  • △: Perform event actions (e.g., examine, open) or display the HUD
  • Hold △ + L1 or L2: Switch to left-hand armament
  • Hold △ + R1 or R2: Switch to right-hand armament
  • ☐: Use an item
  • Left stick: Control movement
  • Right stick: Manage camera
  • L3: Dismount horse
  • R3: Select or release target, reset camera
  • L1: Execute left-side normal attack
  • L2: Perform left-side strong attack, press and hold for a charge attack
  • R1: Execute right-side normal attack or use magic
  • R2: Perform right-side strong attack, press and hold for a charge attack
  • Option: Access main menu
  • Touchpad button / Change View: Display map.
Recommendations For Fans Of Rpg Games And The Souls Borne Series

Recommendations For Fans Of Rpg Games And The Souls Borne Series

If you have come this far in this review of Elden Ring, I would be running down a short list of games that would give you the SoulsBorne experience or an open-world medieval experience.

Here are some recommended alternatives to the Elden Ring game:

  1. God of War Ragnarok
  2. Black Myth: Wukong
  3. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
  4. Ghost of Tsushima
  5. Horizon Forbidden West
  6. Nioh
  7. Middle Earth: Shadow of War
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  10. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I suggest getting your hands on these games if you are looking for an Elden Ring-like experience. They would be worthwhile.

Elden Ring Overall Impression And Lasting Appeal

Overall Impression And Lasting Appeal

Elden Ring has undeniably captivated not only myself but the entire gaming community, and to call it a great game would be an understatement. Since its release in 2022, the online buzz surrounding the game has only grown in intensity.

As for how long Elden Ring will remain a prominent contender among the best open-world games, it’s safe to say it will hold its place for quite some time. Its 2022 Game of the Year accolade and high praise from top gaming blogs ensure that it will be a point of discussion for years to come. That is, until FromSoftware Inc. releases a successor to Elden Ring.

Final Thoughts On Elden Ring’s Place In The Gaming Landscape

In assessing Elden Ring’s impact on both gaming culture and broader pop culture, it is essential to examine the ways it has transformed the online landscape. The game’s influence spans from its presence in cosplay communities to its integration into meme culture, demonstrating that Elden Ring is undoubtedly moulding the pop culture sphere, whether we embrace it or not. This impact is only expected to grow as FromSoftware Inc. continues to update the game with fresh DLCs and customisation options.

However, when it comes to cultural representation, there is room for improvement in terms of inclusivity. Some dedicated gamers with disabilities feel that Elden Ring’s accessibility options are not adequately considerate or inclusive, suggesting that the game could benefit from addressing these concerns.

Elden Ring Review - Conclusion


In conclusion, it’s clear that Elden Ring has made a significant impact on the gaming landscape, offering players an immersive and challenging experience. As a fellow gamer, I understand the excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes from conquering such a demanding game. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s still room for improvement in terms of accessibility and inclusivity. 

Now over to you!

How could FromSoftware Inc further enhance the gaming experience for all players, regardless of ability or background? 

What other aspects of Elden Ring would you like to see improved? 

We’re love to read your comments, so please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

FAQs - Elden Ring Review (PS5)

FAQs: Elden Ring Review (PS5)

Q: How does Elden Ring’s open-world design compare to previous games in the Soulsborne series?

A: Elden Ring’s open-world design is a significant departure from previous games in the Soulsborne series, providing players with a vast and immersive world to explore, filled with magic, fearsome monsters, and countless adventures.

Q: What makes Elden Ring a masterpiece of design?

A: Elden Ring is considered a masterpiece of design due to its rich, open-world environment, captivating narrative, engaging gameplay, and the seamless integration of its artistic designs and sound effects.

Q: How does the level design in Elden Ring contribute to its overall appeal?

A: Elden Ring’s level design offers a challenging and rewarding experience that keeps players engaged, with intricate pathways, hidden secrets, and unforgettable boss battles that test players’ skills and strategic thinking.

Q: Has Elden Ring faced any issues with poor performance?

A: While there have been some criticisms about the game’s accessibility and initial performance issues, continuous patches and updates have improved gameplay and addressed various bug issues, enhancing the overall experience.

Q: How do the sound effects in Elden Ring complement the game’s atmosphere?

A: The sound effects in Elden Ring create an immersive and atmospheric experience, heightening the tension and adding depth to the game’s dark and mysterious world.

Q: Why is Elden Ring considered an amazing combination of storytelling and gameplay?

A: Elden Ring is an amazing combination of storytelling and gameplay due to its rich narrative, immersive open-world, and challenging gameplay that pushes players to strategize and adapt to overcome obstacles.

Q: What sets Elden Ring apart as an unrivalled masterpiece in the action RPG genre?

A: Elden Ring stands as an unrivalled masterpiece in the action RPG genre, thanks to its captivating narrative, breathtaking open-world, challenging gameplay, and the seamless fusion of artistic design and sound effects.

Q: What is the Crafting Kit in Elden Ring, and how does it work?

A: The Crafting Kit is a game feature in Elden Ring that allows players to craft various items and consumables, enabling them to better prepare for the challenges they encounter throughout their journey in the Lands Between.

Q: How does Elden Ring relate to the York Game?

A: Elden Ring is not directly related to the York Game, but it shares similarities in terms of gameplay, genre, and narrative with other action RPGs that fans of the York Game may enjoy.

Q: Why is Elden Ring considered 2022’s Best-Selling Game?

A: Elden Ring has been highly acclaimed by both critics and players, making it one of the best-reviewed games of 2022, and its captivating open-world design and engaging gameplay have contributed to its status as 2022’s Best-Selling Game.

Q: Is Elden Ring an accessible game for players with disabilities?

A: Elden Ring has faced some criticism from the disabled community for its lack of accessibility options. However, the developers have been working on patches and updates to address these concerns and improve the game’s accessibility.

Q: How do artistic designs in Elden Ring contribute to the game’s success?

A: The artistic designs in Elden Ring, from character design to environmental design, create a visually stunning world that immerses players in the game’s dark and mysterious atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience.

Q: How do the boss battles in Elden Ring compare to those in previous Soulsborne games?

A: The boss battles in Elden Ring are challenging and memorable, similar to previous Soulsborne games. They require strategic thinking and adaptability, testing players’ skills and providing a rewarding gaming experience.

Q: How has the collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin influenced Elden Ring’s narrative?

A: The collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin has resulted in a rich and immersive narrative, blending Miyazaki’s unique vision with Martin’s masterful storytelling to create a captivating world for players to explore.

Q: How does Elden Ring’s difficulty level compare to other games in the Soulsborne series?

A: Elden Ring’s difficulty level is considered slightly lower than Sekiro, but still comparable to Dark Souls 3, providing a challenging experience that is familiar to fans of the Soulsborne series.

Q: What are some notable features of Elden Ring’s open-world design?

A: Elden Ring’s open-world design offers players a vast, interconnected landscape filled with diverse environments, hidden secrets, and numerous side quests that encourage exploration and reward curiosity.

Q: Can players customise their character in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, players can customize their character, known as the Tarnished, to suit their personal preferences, allowing for a unique and personalized gameplay experience.

Q: What platforms is Elden Ring available on?

A: Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Q: How does Elden Ring’s multiplayer mode enhance the gameplay experience?

A: Elden Ring’s multiplayer mode allows players to collaborate, compete, and share strategies with others, enriching the overall experience and offering a sense of camaraderie in the challenging world of the Lands Between.

Q: What role does magic play in Elden Ring’s gameplay?

A: Magic is an essential aspect of Elden Ring’s gameplay, offering players a wide range of sorceries and incantations to wield in combat and navigate the challenges of the Lands Between.

Q: How does Elden Ring build on the combat mechanics of previous Soulsborne games?

A: Elden Ring expands on the combat mechanics of previous Soulsborne games by introducing new weapons, magic options, and combat skills, allowing for deeper customization and more strategic gameplay.

Q: Are there any noteworthy easter eggs or references to previous games in Elden Ring?

A: While Elden Ring is set in a unique universe, it shares thematic elements and gameplay mechanics with previous Soulsborne games, and players may discover subtle easter eggs or references throughout their journey.

Q: How has Elden Ring impacted gaming culture and the broader pop culture sphere?

A: Elden Ring’s widespread acclaim and success have elevated its status in gaming culture and the broader pop culture sphere, drawing attention to the Soulsborne series and inspiring discussion, fan art, and appreciation for its captivating narrative and immersive world.

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