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How to Adjust the Brake Pedals on the Logitech G920

One thing the Logitech G920 brake pedals are universally known for is their terrible stiffness. Most of the brakes that come with the Logitech G920 are very stiff, and that becomes a problem for most gamers who are trying to use their brakes when trying to drift or win a race. 

Stiff brakes make it difficult for a racer to apply the right amount of pressure needed for them to achieve a perfect turn or a proper drift. So, in this article, I’m going to be explaining why the pedals on your Logitech G920 are stiff and how you can adjust your brake pedals, as well as other ways to fix them.

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What Tools do I need to Adjust my Brake Pedals on the Logitech G920

What Tools Do I Need to Adjust My Brake Pedals on the Logitech G920?

To adjust the brake pedals on your Logitech G920, you will need a few tools, but don’t worry about them too much; the tools are relatively easy to find and should not be hard to get.

To adjust the brakes on your Logitech G920, you will need a size 5 Allen or hex key, a 2.5mm hex key, a 10mm spanner, a size 1 Phillips screwdriver, and a size 0 Phillips screwdriver.

I would also recommend that you get a small magnetic tray or something else you can use to keep all of the different screws that will come out of the brake pedals.

How to Adjust the Brake Pedals on the Logitech G920

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to take your 2.5mm hex key and use it to remove the two bolts at the centre of your brake pedals. Once the screws have been removed, you can also take off the pedal in the centre and then keep it somewhere safe. Then the next thing you will want to do is flip over your Logitech G920 braking system so that you can get a good look at the bottom of the brake system.

So, the first thing you are going to want to do is to take your size one Phillips screwdriver and remove all of the black bolts at the bottom and top of your brake pedals. Then, you will need to use your size zero screwdriver to take out the rest of the silver screws in the middle, bottom, and at the top of the brake system; they should all be four screws across. 

You are also going to need to pop out the anti-slide grip at the top of the braking system so that you can completely remove the faceplate covering the base of your brake pedals. To remove it, you will just need to press the ejector button on top of it, and then you should hear it pop out. Then you should notice that two screws are holding it in place, but they are the same size as the silver screws, so you will just need to take your size 0 Phillips head screwdriver and take them out.

So, once you take out all of the screws on the faceplate covering the base of your braking system, you should be able to see the pedals underneath it. If you are still having issues taking off the screws, maybe you want to have another look around the faceplate and see if there are any other screws you might have missed. You should do this because the faceplate should ideally come off without any fuss. 

So, once you take off the faceplate, the only pedal you want to touch is the one in the middle because that is the brake pedal. So, what you are going to need to do is take your 10 mm spanner and the size 5 hex key and use each of them to remove the bolt at the top of the pedal. Once that is done, you can slide the bolt out of the pedal, and then you are going to want to pull out the red spring cover in the pedal, but make sure you are careful with it because there is some oil inside of it. 

So once the red spring cover is off, you can take the spring out, and inside the spring, you will notice a tiny black rectangular piece of rubber. So, what you will want to do is take that piece of rubber out of the spring and then put everything back together. That should take out any stiffness in your brakes, and you should be able to drive really well with it.

Why are the Brake Pedals on the Logitech G920 Stiff

Why are the Brake Pedals on the Logitech G920 Stiff?

The Logitech G920 brakes are stiff and challenging to press down on because Logitech added a piece of rubber to the pedal pressure points to increase resistance. Thus giving the player’s game experience a new level of depth and realism and giving them the sensation that they are actually applying the brakes to a real car.

Sadly, not every player can translate this effectively, especially those who don’t use a racing chair rig. Users of racing chairs who shared their opinions felt the additional resistance just made it harder and less pleasant to brake well while playing.

If they need to hit the brakes really hard, the player might actually fall out of their seats and trip over themselves. So, a sudden interruption would be of little use to them and ruin their sense of immersion.

How Good are the Brakes on the Logitech G920

How Good Are the Brakes on the Logitech G920?

The Logitech G920’s pedals are the most complicated part of the entire steering wheel experience when playing. I’m not sure where I fall on the likes-or-hates spectrum, but allow me to explain. Since each of the three pedals is intended to simulate a different set of driving conditions, they all have a unique feel.

In heavier corners, the brake’s rubber stopper is designed to apply some force, but sometimes it merely feels excessively heavy, which has a big impact on competitive drivers, especially when the difference between winning and losing is small.

The clutch has some resistance, which is good, but sometimes it feels too light. If you push it too hard, you could miss a vital change, which makes you play a little heavy-handedly, even though the clutch is intended to be practically as light as a tap.

The lack of resistance from the accelerator is acceptable because it springs back gracefully when you let up on the pedal. Therefore, you can accelerate quickly to top speed as well as slow down considerably more quickly.

I believe the resistance is necessary, but it is a bit high, and the clutch might be a little sharper. As a result, I would say the brake has to be tuned up a little so it can operate as needed.


So, if you have been finding your pedal too stiff, removing that piece of rubber inside the spring should really make a big difference in how you use your brakes, and you should be able to feel it. Thank you so much for reading this article. Please make sure to leave all of your questions in the comment section, and I will get to them as soon as possible. 


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