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What are the Best Racing Games for the Logitech G920?

Playing some of the best racing games with your Logitech G920 steering wheel for Xbox and PC is a thrill! Yet, with a plethora of choices, where do you start? Let me break it down for you:

  1. Physics-based games give you an ultra-realistic driving experience.
  2. Arcade-style games, like “Need for Speed”, serve up drama and epic racing feats.
  3. Racing simulators strike a balance between gritty realism and pure adrenaline fun.

Lost in options? Don’t worry; I’ll guide you through the top picks for your G920 wheel. However, finding the best game can be challenging because there are so many racing games available in these categories. So, in this article, I’ll discuss some of the top racing games for your Logitech G920.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compatibility: The Logitech G920 racing wheel is designed for Xbox and PC gaming, providing an enhanced racing experience on these platforms.
  • Top Titles: “Forza Horizon 5”, “Dirt Rally 2.0”, “Dirt 5”, “Project Cars 2”, and “Assetto Corsa” are standout racing games that pair excellently with the Logitech G920.
  • Genre Variety: The recommended games encompass a mix of arcade racers and simulation racers, catering to diverse gaming preferences.
  • Immersive Experience: Using the Logitech G920 with these titles significantly enhances the immersion and realism of the racing experience.

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What are the Best Racing Games for Logitech G920

If you are looking to buy the best racing games for Logitech G920 that are compatible with Xbox and PC, here are some standout games that are worth considering:

  • Forza Horizon 5 (Arcade Racer): An open-world game set in Mexico that delivers a compelling racing experience, especially when paired with the G920 wheel.
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 (Sim Racer): A highly immersive rally racing game that adds realism and intricate details, perfect for racing aficionados.
  • Dirt 5 (Arcade Racer): Known for its accessible gameplay and variety of dirt tracks, offering players a mix of fun and challenge.
  • Project Cars 2 (Sim Racer): An underappreciated gem, it offers immersion and realism, with notable rain physics and a focus on car dynamics.
  • Assetto Corsa (Sim Racer): A classic in the sim racing genre, it’s a challenging and rewarding skill, making it popular among steering wheel fans.

These games are renowned for their compatibility and enhanced experience with the Logitech G920 racing wheel.

Forza Horizon 5 (Arcade Racer_ Available on Xbox and PC)

1. Forza Horizon 5 (Arcade Racer; Available on Xbox and PC)

The Forza Horizon racing series has been one of my favourites since its inception, and the fifth instalment is no exception. The Mexico-based open-world scenario of Horizon 5 is amazing. Numerous real-world automobiles can be sent hurtling down volcanoes, through dunes, or down sweeping coastal roads at tyre-squealing speeds.

I completed the game using a standard Xbox Series X controller, but using a Logitech G920 wheel was a huge eye-opener for me. Though it was more challenging at first, I soon learned how much fun it was to actually drive my Bugatti Chiron around the map at high speed or practise drifting in one of the Hoonigan vehicles. The Logitech G920 racing wheel is a great accessory for playing this incredibly entertaining game and makes it a massively immersive experience.

Price on Best Buy: $59

Dirt Rally 2.0 (Sim Racer_ Available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox)

2. Dirt Rally 2.0 (Sim Racer; Available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox)

Dirt Rally 2 adds more cars, tracks, trails, jumps, bumps, sand, sea, and snow to keep you playing for a lifetime. However, unlike its predecessor, it adds more refinement to every element, a gripping rallycross multiplayer mode, and even more realistic depictions of the world around you.

What really sets it apart from all of the other rally racing games is that rallying has become such a totally realistic experience, and if you have been on the track for ages, it’s a breath of fresh air.

When you can master all of the turns, tricks, and racing tips coming from your communications team and put them all together to win a race or a career-making championship, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment that can only be felt in the world that Dirt 2.0 captures perfectly.

Price on Amazon for the Xbox version: $29 

Dirt 5 (Arcade Racer_ Available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC)

3. Dirt 5 (Arcade Racer: Available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC)

Dirt 5 is the game to go to when you want to eschew the smooth asphalt circuits in favour of some rain and muck. The gameplay in this rally dirt racer is more approachable and has more arcade-style aspects than prior games in the series, which I really liked.

The diversity of dirt tracks is good, the graphics are spectacular, and using my Logitech G923 steering wheel to power-slide all of the cars around challenging curves felt fantastic. I customise the driver assistance features because I’m playing to have fun and not to learn about automobile physics. Although the career mode is very forgettable, you’ll keep playing it because of the enjoyable races and stunning scenery. I truly had an amazing time playing this game. I can see why it’s a fan favourite; it is an excellent game.

Price on Amazon for Xbox Version: $16

Project Cars 2(Sim Racer_ Available on PS4 and Xbox One)

4. Project Cars 2(Sim Racer; Available on PS4 and Xbox One)

One of the more underrated and underappreciated racing video games in recent years is Project Cars 2. Only a few other games can compare to the amount of immersion and realism it offers, combined with the wide selection of cars it offers. This game’s rain physics are especially noteworthy since they accurately represent how tyres react to wet or dry ground. 

Additionally, weight, balance, and tyre grip are important game-changing elements. As a result, utilising a driving wheel increases immersion and makes it easier to understand them. With the many steering wheel settings in Project Cars 2, the player can have a smooth but exhilarating experience.

Price on Amazon for Xbox Version: $34

Assetto Corsa(Sim Racer_ Available on PS4, PC and Xbox One)

5. Assetto Corsa(Sim Racer; Available on PS4, PC and Xbox One)

In 2014, Assetto Corsa made some significant advancements and quickly rose to the top of the sim racing genre. There haven’t been many significant changes. It’s really difficult to get around the game’s lack of mod compatibility, even though its successor, Competizione, significantly enhances many parts of the experience. 

Assetto Corsa still has all of the hallmarks of an old-school sim racing game: a difficult learning curve, slightly outdated graphics, and a brutally unforgiving racing system with stressful controls and no drift mechanics. Assetto Corsa is one of the original games that made racing wheels like the Logitech G923 and the whole steering wheel community popular. I still remember me and my friends competing to see who was the best at Assetto.

Price on Amazon for the Xbox One Version: $29

Final thoughts

Getting a superb racing game to go with your Logitech G920 is a pretty straightforward thing to do. The only thing left to do is decide what game genres and playing styles you enjoy. 

Whether you favour the confusion and mayhem you can create in physics-based games or the big jumps and nitrous-filled fun of arcade races; there’s something for every type of racing game lover. So, I hope you will use this list to acquire the greatest racing games you can find, and I hope you will have a lot of fun playing them. 

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