Is There a VR Headset for Xbox One X_

Is There a VR Headset for Xbox One X?

Currently, Xbox has kept their hands away from the VR world. They don’t make any games for it, and they don’t have an official headset for VR games, and that is understandable. The VR gaming world is mainly underutilised, and the games still look and feel janky. Most people see VR gaming as an add-on …

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Is the Meta Quest 2 worth it_

Is The Meta Quest 2 Worth It?

The Meta Quest 2 is a portable high-end Virtual Reality Headset made by Meta (previously known as Facebook). The Meta Quest 2 has been described as a premium all-in-one VR experience. It is now one of, if not the, most widely used VR headsets in the world, thanks to two factors: overall quality and pricing. …

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