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Are Audeze Mobius Headphones Worth It?

Majorly referred to as a gaming Headphone, the Audeze Mobius is mostly used by game lovers and audiophiles. Released in 2018, the Audeze Mobius Headphone comes highly recommended if you are passionate about high-quality sound production. 

This headphone comes solidly built and is mostly referred to as a gaming headphone because it focuses on creating surround sound and blocks background noise, and by doing so, makes the player completely engrossed in the game. It is also used to converse with other players during a game.

Apart from just gaming, the Audeze Mobius Headset allows users to listen to music watch movies either on a laptop or smartphone while presenting high-quality sound. This Headphone provides users with an Immersive Cinematic 3D Audio experience.

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Are Audeze Mobius Headphones Worth Buying?

Amongst a variety of gaming headphones, the Audeze Mobius Headphones stand out. This is because of their distinct features which can be summarised as comfort, sound quality, durability and cost. Some exciting features of this Headphone are listed below:

  • Extremely comfortable fit because it comes with memory foam in the headphone band and pads that are similar to actual leather. This means that the Headphone can be worn for a long duration. 
  • Mobius integrates Wave NX technology for real-time onboard 3D processing.
  • The Mobius Headphone is compatible with gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 (PS4), PS5, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X, PC, Mac and mobile devices such as Android and iPhones.
  • Full 3D emulation with wireless mode for Surround Sound noise
  • Great connection options. This Headphone can be used in wired Mode using USB or AUX and wireless mode via Bluetooth.
  • It comes with planar magnetic drivers for premium-grade cinematic sound
  • Integrated head tracking: The Audeze Mobius headphones accurately track even the tiniest of head movements 1000 times a second to feed the 3D emulation algorithm.
  • Anatomy calibration to tailor the sound to the user
  • The microphone is detachable, which makes it portable and easy to carry about.
  • It has noise-cancelling capabilities that are able to shut out background noise. 
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When did Audeze Mobius come out?

The Audeze Mobius Headphone, which is commonly known as a gaming headphone, was released on the 27th of November, 2018.

Does Audeze Mobius work on ps5?

Being a gaming headphone, the Audeze Mobius works just fine on PlayStation 5; however, for optimal functionality, the 3D processing in your headphone should be turned off. This is because PS5 already has a built-in 3D sound engine, so leaving your headphones 3D turned on will double 3D. 

To connect your Audeze Mobius Headphone to your PS5 using a USB connector, all you need to do is connect the USB A to USB C cable between the PS5 and Mobius headphones. On your headphone, select 2 Channel mode by a long press of the Microphone volume wheel. Sometimes to recognize your Mobius headphone, you might have to unplug and reconnect the USB cable.

To connect to PS5 using the 3.5 mm cable, simply connect your 3.5mm cable between Mobius and your controller’s headphone jack.

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Does Audeze Mobius work on Xbox?

Audeze Mobius Headphone works on Xbox because all processing is in the headphone which makes latency insignificant. 

To connect your Audeze Mobius Headphone to your Xbox, connect the supplied 3.5mm cable between your hand and the controller’s headphone jack. While some older versions of the controller may require an adapter, an adapter is not necessary if your controller already has a 3.5mm jack.

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Does Audeze Mobius work with PS4?

With its fully immersive 3D audio experience, this headphone makes the gaming experience even more fun for game lovers. The Audeze Mobius works with PS4, and all processing is in the headphone.

Does Audeze make good headphones?

Audeze headphones have an immersive 3D audio experience that makes it an overall great combination for game lovers and audiophiles that are big on sound quality.  It is the first gaming headphone to use planar magnetic drivers, a device that converts electrical signals to sound waves which makes the sound less distorted and ensures superb reproduction of sound. 

The design, comfortable fit, sound clarity, head tracking, room emulation and unique connectivity features make Audeze headphones a great gaming headphone.

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Where are Audeze headphones made?

The Audeze headphones are made in California, USA. The headphones come with a 3-year warranty.

Are Audeze Mobius headphones Wireless?

The Audeze Mobius headphones have two connectivity modes. It can be used in either Wired Mode with the aid of Analog/USB or Wireless Mode using Bluetooth. However, regardless of which mode is in use, the Headphone uses the internal battery to process the signal except when it is plugged in via USB. It supports SBC, AAC and LDAC via Bluetooth connectivity.


Conclusively, the Audeze Mobius headphones are the first gaming headphones to use planar magnetic drivers which reduces the distortion of sound. 

The partnership with Waves NX technology makes directional audio more precise and improves the clarity of sound. 

Beyond being a great headphone for game lovers, it can also be enjoyed while watching movies and listening to music.

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