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Audeze Mobius vs Airpods Max: Which Is The Better Headset?

If you are looking for a new pair of headphones, you may be wondering which is the best: Audeze Mobius vs AirPods Max?

The Audeze Mobius by Audeze and Airpods Max by Apple have unique features. Audeze Mobius was released in 2018, while Airpods Max was released in 2020 and although manufactured by different brands, these high-end headphones have some similarities and contrasts, which will be discussed extensively in this article.

The Unboxing – Audeze Mobius vs Airpods Max


Audeze Mobius: In addition to the headphone itself, the Audeze Mobius Headphone comes with an analogue 3.5mm cable, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, and a detachable 3.5mm microphone, a cinch bag for carrying it and some manuals. 


Airpods Max: This headphone comes with a smart case (designed specially to put headphones in ultra-low power state and preserve battery life when not in use), a lightning USB-C cable, and documentation.


Audeze Mobius Design

Audeze Mobius: This headphone comes with memory foam in the headphone band and pads that look like actual leather, making it extremely comfortable to use, even when worn for a long duration. The body is made up partly of plastic material, and the headband can be twisted and bent without the fear of breaking or damaging the headband. 

It is available in Blue and Copper colours. This headphone weighs around 350 grams, and unlike other high-end heavyweight headphones, the Audeze Mobius fits in perfectly in any environment, whether in an office setting or when travelling.

Airpods Max Design

Airpods Max: Apple Airpods Max is available in 5 catchy colour variants – space grey, sky blue, pink, green and silver. This headphone weighs 386 grams, and although heavy, it is designed to evenly distribute the weight so as to relieve pressure on the head and provide flexibility and comfort for users. Telescoping headband arms extend effortlessly and stay put to keep the correct fit. 

Each ear cup is connected to the headband by a novel mechanism that balances and distributes ear cup pressure while also allowing it to pivot and spin independently to accommodate the unique curves of the user’s head. Each ear cushion is made of acoustically designed memory foam that creates a strong seal – an important aspect in hearing protection. Each ear cushion is made of acoustically engineered memory foam to ensure a good seal, which is essential for delivering immersive sound. 


Audeze Mobius Features

Audeze Mobius

Some of the features of the Audeze Mobius headphone are listed below:

  • Full 3D emulation with wireless mode for surround sound noise
  • Integrated head tracking
  • It comes with planar magnetic drivers for a top-notch cinematic sound
  • The Audeze Mobius Headphone is compatible with gaming consoles, PC, Mac and mobile devices such as Android and iPhones
  • Audeze Mobius features Wave NX technology for real-time onboard 3D processing
  • Anatomy calibration, which tailors sound to users
  • This headphone can be used in wired mode via USB or AUX and wireless mode via Bluetooth. 

Airpods Max

  • The Apple Airpods max feature Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking
  • This headphone connects seamlessly with iOS devices and uses the Bluetooth 5.0 with the AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs
  • A digital crown that can be used for volume control, to play/pause music and even to answer calls 
  • Apple H1 headphone chip which provides a unique streamlined audio experience
  • Apple-designed dynamic driver
  • Active Noise cancellation
  • Adaptive EQ

Battery Life

Audeze Mobius: On a single charge, the Audeze Mobius headphones provide users with a battery life of up to 10 hours, but this can vary based on usage frequency.


Airpods Max: When the Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial audio of AirPods max headphones are turned on, it provides users with an impressive battery life of up to 20 hours which gives users more listening time, talk time and film playback.


Audeze Mobius

The Audeze Mobius headphone costs $399.

Airpods Max

The cost of Airpods Max is $549.



Audeze Mobius

  • This headphone is designed to a comfortable for all head sizes and can be worn for a long period of time
  • Spectacular audio quality when playing games, watching movies or listening to music
  • It provides users with an immersive gaming experience
  • The Audeze Mobius headphone has wireless connectivity but with some device limitations

Airpods Max

  • Airpods max has a comfortable design and comes with stainless steel extensions, making the headphones adjustable for every head size.
  • The audio quality of the AirPods max is superb.
  • It is available in different appealing colour variants
  • The ear detection feature stops music immediately you take the headphones off
  • Solid battery life of 20 hours maximises the use of these headphones.
  • Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode block out background noise.
Airpods Max Cons


Audeze Mobius

  • The 10 hours of battery life is a limiting factor of this headphone
  • It does not feature Active Noise Cancellation
  • The mic does not bring out a clear sound when used wirelessly on Windows
  • The wireless option does not work with gaming consoles
  • This headphone is not dust/waterproof

Airpods Max

  • There is no power button on the Airpod max, and as such, to turn off the music, you have to put the headphones back in the smart case.
  • This headphone does not have a 3.5mm or 2.5mm analogue audio output which will require users to buy a 3.5mm-to Lightning cable that costs $35
  • At $549, this headphone is not exactly budget-friendly. 
  • Airpods Max uses a Lightning connector in place of USB-C
  • It is not dust/waterproof
  • Although the Airpod max headphones provide maximum comfort for users, it is not lightweight headphone.


The standout features and immersive 3D audio experience of the Audeze Mobius headphone make it an overall great headphone for game lovers and audiophiles that are big on sound quality.

Also, the superb sound clarity, unique connectivity features, Head Tracking and Room Emulation make it worth the price and provides users with a fully Immersive Surround Sound listening experience.

The Airpods Max also has Active noise cancellation and Transparency Mode to block out background noise and make users fully immersed in their music. This headphone is exceptionally comfortable, and the solid battery life and audio quality provide users with an extraordinary experience.

Conclusively, this article has explained in detail the features, design, pros & cons, battery life and costs of the Audeze Mobius and Airpods Max headphones which will guide your decision on which to buy as both products have features and specifications peculiar to them, but you can be assured that whichever you choose will give you great value for your money.

FAQs- Audeze Mobius Headphones

Is the Audeze Mobius headphone wireless?

The Audeze Mobius headphone is a partial wireless headset that connects well with smartphones or laptops over Bluetooth connectivity. However, it does not connect wirelessly with gaming consoles.

This headphone is not recommended for sole use as a gaming wireless headphone, but if you want to use it for gaming purposes, you have to use one of the audio cables in the package, depending on your connectivity.

Is Audeze Mobius good for games?

This headphone is perfect for game enthusiasts, but its audio performance and head tracking make it great for watching movies and listening to music.

FAQs- Airpods Max

Does AirPods Max turn off?

Since this headphone does not come with a power button, it can not be switched off manually. When placed on your head, the headphone automatically turns on and enters an ultra-low-power mode when taken off. It is best placed in the smart case as it preserves the battery better when not in use.

How many devices can Airpods Max connect to?

The Airpods Max has a feature that allows two devices to listen to the same audio source simultaneously.

How do you answer calls on Airpods Max?

You will need to press the digital crown to answer or end a call on these headphones.

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