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What Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote?

The PlayStation 5 media remote is an accessory designed by Sony to work alongside the PlayStation 5 and act as a remote control for the media applications that come along with the PS5, like Disney+, Spotify, and YouTube.

It acts as a standard remote that can turn on and turn off your PS5 and Tv and increase and reduce the volume of whatever movie or song you’re watching on your PS5 or Tv.

How Reliable Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote_

How Reliable Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote?

The PlayStation 5 media remote is very durable, and it has a very stylish design. The buttons on the remote are very strong and don’t feel cheap at all. All the apps respond quickly to any commands you input using the remote, and everything feels very intuitive on the remote when you are using it.

What Are The Features Of The PS5 Media Remote?

The PS5 media remote has 4 main features; 

  • It has four quick action buttons all mapped to specific apps, which are; Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and YouTube, all of which can all turn on Tv and PS5 at the same time and boot up immediately to the specific app you pressed on the remote.
  • It can turn on your Tv and PS5 all at the same time, and it can also control the volume on your TV. 
  • It also has a built-in microphone that allows you to give voice commands to your PS5 and use the voice typing function. 
  • It also adds easy-to-use video playback controls.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The PS5 Media Remote?

The main benefit of using the PS5 media remote is the convenience it brings to you when you are watching a movie or listening to music while using the main media options on the device. Another good thing about the PS5 media remote is the simplicity it provides for those who aren’t familiar with using a controller setup, especially those who won’t be using the PS5 to play games.

It goes a long way in helping those that just want to go straight to the applications they want to use on the PS5 instead of having to mess around with the controller and end up somewhere they didn’t want to be or they end up doing something accidental on the PS5 because they don’t know what they are doing. 

The remote is especially useful for those who have little kids at home, a spouse, the elderly, or anyone who isn’t familiar with using a console.

Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote Worth Purchasing_

Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote Worth Purchasing?

The PS5 media remote cost about $29 on Amazon, and if I’m going to be very honest, I think this is a very unnecessary accessory. It’s an accessory that is only useful in very specific scenarios which do not always apply.

I can agree it has its uses, but they aren’t things that a controller can’t do, and with the prevalence of internet TVs, it is a lot easier to use your normal remote on TV and switch to Netflix and Amazon prime from there than using a PS5. It’s a cool accessory, but it doesn’t drastically change how you would be using the PS5, so I can’t say it is worth it.

How Does It Work?

The first thing you would need to do is pair up your PS5 media remote to the PS5 and to that. All you have to do is go to system settings on your PS5, then enter the “media remote” section on the PS5. Then it would tell you to pair your PS5 media remote. 

After that, you would have to press the PS and options buttons together and wait till your remote begins to flash. Then press “connect to” PS5. After that, it will ask you to connect to your TV. Then from there, it would work just like any other remote.

Are There Any Alternatives To The PlayStation 5 Media Remote_

Are There Any Alternatives To The PlayStation 5 Media Remote?

There are a few third-party remotes that can work on the PS5 and would also have greater control over your TV, some of which include;

The PDP Universal Remote

This remote has been officially licensed by Sony and it works on the PS5 console. It connects to the PS5 via Bluetooth, and because it is universal, it also has infrared, so it can be used on devices that don’t have a Bluetooth connection. It costs $20 on Amazon, and it is very highly rated.

The PDP Cloud Remote

This has a sleeker look than the clunkier design of the previous model made by PDP. It has fewer buttons so it looks less cluttered, and it has an overall better design. It has an app that you can use to control the remote as well as Bluetooth and infrared. This model costs $50 on Amazon.

The Harmony Remote Companion

The Harmony Companion has been a fan-favourite due to its “pure-play” driven functionality. It really is an all-around impressive universal remote. The companion really shines due to its ability to let you create custom activities that turn on all required components at the same time. For example, you could have a Play PS5 activity that turns on your TV and your surround sound set up at the same time. 


The PlayStation 5 media remote is a novel device, but it’s not the most useful outside some particular situations. 

However, I could find some use for it, but for those that say it is more convenient to use than a controller, I would say they are wrong. 

Because anyone who has been playing games using controllers would tell you that they find it easier to control the whole console with their Controllers than switching between the two, I know I do.

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