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Can I Use My Phone As A PS5 Media Remote_

Can I Use My Phone As A PS5 Media Remote?

A phone can not be used as a media remote. The PS5 media remote is based on PlayStation firmware and software, so as such, the remote can’t be used to connect to any device aside from the PS5. The only reason the PS5 media remote can work on your TV is that both devices are

What Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote_

What Is The PlayStation 5 Media Remote?

The PlayStation 5 media remote is an accessory designed by Sony to work alongside the PlayStation 5 and act as a remote control for the media applications that come along with the PS5, like Disney+, Spotify, and YouTube. It acts as a standard remote that can turn on and turn off your PS5 and Tv

Audeze Mobius vs Airpods Max

Audeze Mobius vs Airpods Max: Which Is The Better Headset?

If you are looking for a new pair of headphones, you may be wondering which is the best: Audeze Mobius vs AirPods Max? The Audeze Mobius by Audeze and Airpods Max by Apple have unique features. Audeze Mobius was released in 2018, while Airpods Max was released in 2020 and although manufactured by different brands,