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Discover the Best 3 Fanatec Racing Wheels for Maximum Racing Wheel Experience.

Fanatec Racing wheels are for sim racers and they tend to be expensive, sometimes affordable too and quite easy to set up.

Setting up this wheel is really simple, and there aren’t many steps involved. Once you have installed the software, you are ready to go. There are lots of settings available within the software.

You can adjust all sorts of things such as sensitivity, acceleration, brake pedals and more. They have a lot of features that make them good, but at the same time can also be very complicated. The top three racing wheel reviews will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel 1

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel

What is Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel?

The Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel is an add-on wheel for sim racers. It is an upgraded version of the McLaren GT3 racing wheel. It is an improved version that looks almost exactly like the previous model. The best upgrade it comes with compared to the previous model is the re-worked all-new magnetic shifters in bright orange.

The McLaren GT3 V2 uses Fanatec’s simplified Quick Release System, which allows you to detach and attach the wheel without the need for a tool. By just turning the quick release locking system, the wheel is secured to your wheelbase once in the locked position.

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel 1


The design of the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 racing wheel is almost identical to that of the previous McLaren GT3. This wheel is made entirely of plastic covered in what looks like carbon fibre wraps from a distance with rubber grips and measures 300mm in diameter.

The design however is outdated as it isn’t the same wheel that is used in the current models but considering the cost of this wheel, the design is most likely a way to cut cost.

The major design change is the replacement of one rotary dial with the classic 1-inch white OLED display, while the older model uses a blue LED display. It also has a magnetic shifter with a textured back that allows you to shift one-handed either by pushing or pulling.

Beneath the shifters are two multi-function paddles that use an analogue design that allows you to program it for multiple uses such as handbrake, clutch or throttle, and this makes the wheel completely functional without pedals.

The controls on the wheel are also identical to the one on the original McLaren GT3. It has multi-position switches, toggle switches, the standard FunkySwitch and 7 pushbuttons with interchangeable button caps.


The McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel is compatible with the Xbox series X console, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 console, PlayStation 5 and PC’s. It is also compatible with all the current Fanatec wheelbases which include the CLS Elite, Clubsport and the Direct-drive podium series. However, the podium series would require the use of the Clubsport quick release adaptor to unlock its full potential.


  • It has a plastic build and a rubber grip.
  • It has an improved quick release system.
  • It is equipped with two multi-function paddles.
  • 1-inch OLED display.
  • It measures 300mm in diameter.
  • It improved magnetic shifters.


  • Compatible platforms: Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5
  • Display: 1-inch OLED, 138 x 64 resolution
  • Release method ll: Simplified Quick Release
  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Weight: 1090g
  • Shifters: Magnetic shifters
  • Grip material: Over-molded rubber grips
  • Price: $199.95.
Is the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel Worth It

Does the Fanatec CLS McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel have force feedback?

When using a racing wheel, force feedback is a simulation technique that gives the driver a real-life feeling like driving an actual car on the road. The improved McLaren GT3 V2 Racing Wheel does not have force feedback.


The Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel is an affordable sim racing wheel with a solid build and firm rubber grips. It has improved shifters and mappable buttons. It is a great all-around racing wheel, but the rim might be too big for some users.


  1. It has improved shifters.
  2. It is responsive and lightweight.
  3. It has a quick release.
  4. OLED display.
  5. It is sold at a reasonable amount.


  1. The plastic build feels cheaper.
  2. Outdated design.
Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel 2

Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel

What is Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel?

The Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel is the first racing wheel the partnership between WRC x Fanatec has produced. It is licensed officially by the WRC, and it is a perfect option for mastering the most demanding rally stages. It features the new quick-release system, which allows you to easily attach and detach your racing wheel from the wheelbase with your hand.


The Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel is a circle wheel that has a genuine Alcantara grip, chunkier than that of the CSL Elite P1 wheel, and it runs almost the whole way around the rim of the wheel.

It is a 300mm rim that is lightweight and suitable for different vehicle types, ideal for inputs in rally driving. It makes a visual statement with its graphic and the bright orange accents on the stitching and shifter paddles.

The Alcantara covers the whole rim except the screen located at the top of the wheel, which is a replica of the screen seen on the CSL Elite P1 wheel. The screen is used to display a variety of information, and it is bright enough for you to see with just a quick glance.

On the front of this wheel, there are a lot of Xbox branded buttons and a new joystick which allows you to scroll through game menus easily.

It also comes with metal shifters that give a less positive response compared to the neodymium-magnet shifters on the more premium wheels, but it has a nice feel and gets the work done. The paddle shifters with a similar design to the quick release are detachable, which means you can fix in a different set of paddles if you want. There are a variety of 12 programmable control buttons on the front of the WRC wheel with interchangeable button caps.


The Fanatec CSL Elite WRC racing wheel is marked as an Xbox compatible wheel straight from the box. With an Xbox console and an Xbox compatible wheelbase, you can race instantly without changing any settings. However, it is also compatible with the PS4, PS5 consoles and PC’s. It is also compatible with all Fanatec’s wheelbases.


  1. It is officially licensed by WRC.
  2. It has a realistic size of 300mm (diameter).
  3. It features a 3 digits LED display.
  4. It features a new and simpler quick-release system.
  5. It has detachable paddles.
  6. Aluminium shifters.
  7. Wheel rim offers genuine Alcantara grip and orange stitches.
  8. It has brushed aluminium spokes.
Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel 1


  • Compatible platforms: Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5
  • Display: 3 digits LED
  • Release method: ClubSport
  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Weight: 1092g
  • Grip material: Alcantara grip
  • Price: $199.95.

Does the Fanatec CSL Elite WRC Racing Wheel have force feedback?

The CSL Elite WRC circular racing wheel does not have force feedback. However, it is still recommended for beginners who are looking for a budget-friendly wheel.


The CSL Elite WRC racing wheel is a circular wheel that gives you a lot of precision when playing a rally game compared to D-shaped steering wheels. The grip around the rim feels really comfortable with the Alcantara finish and thick padding.

The LED display on the top of the wheel highlights the centre of the steering wheel, which is a really good touch, especially when racing in a dark room. It also notified you when you need to shift by a change in the light colour.


  1. It is compatible with a large variety of gaming consoles.
  2. The genuine Alcantara grip is thick.
  3. It features a simplified quick release.
  4. Integrated 3 digits LED display.


  1. Too bright aesthetic design.
Is the Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel Worth It

Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel

What is Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel?

The Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel is a race simulation game wheel that brings the power of a fully cross-compatible direct drive to PlayStation. It brings direct drive power to your simulation rig and it is an expensive wheel. This wheel is designed to be paired with all Fanatec standalone pedals and is also compatible with both Xbox One and PS4.


When you unbox the Podium F1 racing wheel, you will find a Podium DD1 wheelbase, Clubsport Formula V2 steering wheel, extra button caps, USB cable, Podium paddle module, Torque key, locking bolt, power supply unit, RJ12 connection cable and a user guide.

The Clubsport formula V2 steering wheel has a design that is similar to the real formula 1 steering wheel in size and shape. This racing wheel is a bit smaller in width when compared to other racing wheels. The front of the wheel shows a selection of buttons (11 in total), a dial button in the centre, rocker switches, thumb encoders and 2 multi-position switches.

It has a blue Alcantara grip, gold shifters and a splash of blue across the wheel. The formula V2 steering wheel also comes with the Advanced Podium paddle module pre-installed which includes magnetic shifter paddles and dual-clutch pedals. On the rear is a quick release system that allows you to change the wheel to another one at will without the need for tools.


The Podium F1 racing wheel is made compatible with PlayStation consoles right from the box. It is the first of its kind designed for the PS4 console with a direct drive. It can also be used with the Xbox One console, but you would have to use a different steering wheel to make it compatible.


  1. It is officially licensed by formula 1 and for PlayStation 4.
  2. It has a solid build made with metal and carbon fibre.
  3. Genuine Italian Alcantara grip material.
  4. Upgraded Fanatec wheel base tuning menu.
  5. Reliable buttons and switches.
  6. OLED display.
  7. It has a torque key that enables you to lock or unlock the full potential of the wheelbase.
  8. It includes Fanatec’s quick release system.
  9. Firmware can be updated.
  10. It has a fast 1000Hz updated USB.


  • Compatible platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Display: 1-inch 128 x 64 OLED, 2.7-inch 256 x 64 OLED
  • Torque: 20Nm
  • Degrees of Rotation: 90°-1080°
  • Quick-release: ClubSport
  • Tuning through wheel: Yes
  • Force feedback drive system: Direct drive
  • Connection port: Handbrake, Torque key, Data, Emergency Stop, CAN, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2
  • Diameter: 270mm
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Dimensions: 53.5cm x 35cm x 31cm
  • Grip material: Alcantara grip
  • Price: $1999.65.
Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel 1

Does the Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel have force feedback?

The Fanatec Podium F1 racing wheel has force feedback, and it comes with a torque key that can be used to activate the full 20Nm force of the wheel. At maximum power, the quality of the force feedback comes with the same level of clarity as to when it is not operating at about 50% power. The level of force feedback can be adjusted directly on the wheel by using the toggle switch in front of the wheel to tweak the level up and down.


The Podium F1 racing wheel comes with a direct drive wheelbase and a Clubsport formula V2 steering wheel rim designed in a shape and size similar to the original formula 1 steering wheel. It has a selection of buttons that are well-positioned and easily accessible when racing.


The Fanatec Podium F1 racing wheel does not include a pedal, but it is compatible with all Fanatec’s standalone pedals.


  1. High-quality force feedback.
  2. Great sim experience.
  3. Solid build quality.
  4. Firmware can be updated.


  1. It is expensive.
  2. Pedals are not included.
Top 3 Fanatec Racing Wheels for Maximum Racing Wheel Experience

Buying Guide

Fanatec racing wheel is one of the best racing wheels available in the world. They are made to meet the needs of the sim racer who wants to enjoy their gaming passion through the gaming console. If you want to enjoy the best racing experience, then you should definitely go for the Fanatec wheels.

Fanatec wheel is one of the best gaming accessories which provides you with an immersive driving experience while playing games. These wheels are specially designed for racing simulations and provide a smooth ride during gameplay. They are made up of high-quality materials and provide a smooth ride. They are also well known for their amazing performance and reliability. 

Is Fanatec Racing Wheel good?

Fanatec wheels are good wheels with high durability levels. They provide you with high-end sim racing equipment like direct drive steering wheels and high-quality force feedback. Fanatec wheels have a solid build even for the budget wheels and generally offer a great racing experience.

Should you buy the Fanatec Racing Wheels?

Fanatec racing wheels are one of the best racing wheel brands you can get today. They are built with sturdy materials and are highly durable. It has a nice and comfortable grip, reliable buttons and switches, and a quick-release system for an easy fix.

What consoles are the Fanatec Racing Wheels Compatibility with?

Fanatec racing wheels are made compatible with Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles and PC’s.

Alternative Fanatec Racing Wheels

Fanatic simulation racing wheels are great wheels, but there are some alternatives that can be used in place of Fanatec. Some of them are; The Logitech G920 or G29, Thrustmaster T300 RS, Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition or the Logitech G923. All these are excellent substitutes for the Fanatec racing wheels.

Bottom line

Fanatec wheels are designed for racing simulators only. They are made out of high-quality materials and provide a smooth drive. 

Fanatec wheels can be pretty expensive, especially when buying all the peripherals at once. Still, when bought as standalone, Fanatec wheels are not so expensive compared to some competitions. 

The product provides excellent details and stunning force feedback that will give you a fantastic gaming experience.

FAQ – Best 3 Fanatec Racing Wheels

Q: What is the difference between Fanatec and other brands?

A: There are many different types of racing wheels available in the market. However, most of them are not suitable for sim racers because they lack the features such as force feedback, adjustable suspension settings, and realistic steering. On the other hand, Fanatec racing wheels are specifically developed for sim racing. They have a lot of features that make your sim racing experience more exciting and fun.

Q: How do I know if my Fanatec racing wheel is compatible with my game?

A: You can check whether your Fanatec wheel works with your game by visiting the official website of the game developer. If the manufacturer of the game supports Fanatec products, then you will find the compatibility information on their website.

Q: Can I play a racing game without using a racing wheel?

A: No, you cannot play a racing game without a racing wheel. A racing wheel is essential for a better gaming experience.

Q: Are Fanatec wheels compatible with PS4/Xbox One?

A: Yes, Fanatec wheels are compatible with both Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Q: Is it safe to update firmware on Fanatec racing wheels?

A: Yes. Firmware updates are very important. Most of the time, they contain new features and improvements. So, updating your Fanatec wheel’s firmware is recommended.

Q: Where can I buy Fanatec racing wheels?

A: You can buy Fanatec racing wheels from online stores like Amazon.

Best 3 Fanatec Racing Wheels Photos

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