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Does The Audeze Mobius Work With PlayStation 5?

Audeze Mobius is a new type of headphone that promises to revolutionise the way we experience audio. This innovative headphone uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a truly immersive experience that is unlike anything else on the market. With Audeze Mobius, you can enjoy your music like never before.

However, the question here is, are these headphones really worth the hype? Let’s take a closer look at what Audeze Mobius has to offer.

In this article, I will be discussing the Audeze Mobius headphones and their features and functionality. I will be testing the Audeze Mobius to see if it truly lives up to the hype and whether it is compatible with the PS5 console.

One thing to note about the Audeze Mobius is that it is designed for gaming. It is a high-end gaming headset that is renowned for its superior sound quality. However, one question still remains: does the Audeze Mobius truly live up to the hype? Is it compatible with the ps5 console? Let’s find out.

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Does The Audeze Mobius Work With The PS5?

The Audeze Mobius headphone is a gaming headphone that works with Sony’s PS5 gaming console. It also works with the PS4, PCs and the Xbox consoles – Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. However, the connectivity may vary depending on the gaming console that you are using.

What Is The Audeze Mobius_

What Is The Audeze Mobius?

The Mobius is a model of Audeze headphones. It is powered by the MobiAudeze Planar Magnetic drivers, known internationally for superior sound quality. The purpose is to allow users experience a high level of depth and realism in the game audio. 

The Mobius is the first headset created to provide a truly believable and fully immersive surround sound listening experience without any additional software or hardware required. The headphone is able to process up to eight channels of surround sound audio over wired USB, with head tracking and room emulation. 

The Audeze Mobius is able to track the most variation in head movement in order to emulate a real-world listening experience. While gaming, you can hear your opponent’s position with great accuracy, and this helps your gaming course. 

You also get a wide compatibility range with the Audeze Mobius. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and uses cases. The headphone also has a high-quality detachable boom mic and support for wired USB, Aux and Bluetooth connections. Interestingly, it is also Discord-certified. 

How Does The Audeze Mobius Work

How Does The Audeze Mobius Work?

The way the Audeze Mobius headphone works is fascinating. It offers users 3D audio tech with Waves Nx that creates a virtual audio environment with head tracking. There is the simulation of a speaker environment in the headset, and this is great stuff. 

When you tap the 3D audio button on the left headphone, the audio will sound as if it is coming from a pair of speakers set in front of you. And when you turn your head, the audio will come in louder through the headphone, but it will not look like the audio is shifting ears. This is some top-notch audio wizardry.

This feature is great because it makes it sound like the sound is coming from the front of you rather than getting blasted through the headphones.

The 3D audio option is configured in such a way that it works on wired or wireless connections. But when you connect the headphone to an Android device, you would need to turn on developer options and turn up the LDAC codec settings to 990kbps. 

In the context of gaming, the Audeze Mobius headphone supports 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound audio, allowing for positional soundscapes in games like Fortnite and Realm Royale. But this is only achievable when plugged in via USB, and there is no drop in effect. It is as great as ever.

The ability to know the direction of sounds while gaming is great. It could aid your performance in games; there is no guarantee that it would make you better off.

Another interesting stuff about the Audeze Mobius is that it comes with inbuilt software. Suite, which helps you keep track of your settings and stick things to your liking. You also get to switch between available sound profiles such as Flat, Foot Steps and Racing. There are seven available sound profiles.

The Audeze Mobius allows you to customise settings according to the 3D audio HRTF features. You can change the head circumference, inter-aural arc, and room ambience settings.  

The headphone also offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, with support for SBC, AAC, and LDA. Connection is most likely to be solid regardless of the device. But range issues might spring up. The Audeze Mobius headphone can also last about 10 hours on a single charge. 

There are two main modes that the Audeze Mobius headphone features – the 3D surround sound and stereo. The 3D surround sound includes modes of its own such as audio and manual. You can customise your listening experience according to what game you are playing or whatever you are listening to.  

The Audeze Mobius may come off as expensive, but this is a case study of when the extra bucks are worth it. If not for anything else but for the audio setting.  Gaming performance with the 3D surround sound is immersive. 

How To Set Up The Audeze Mobius With The PS5_

How To Set Up The Audeze Mobius With The PS5?

To connect the Audeze Mobius headphone to the Ps5 console, there are various ways of doing so. 

First, you can use the 3.5mm connector; you just have to connect the supplied 3.5mm cable between the Audeze Mobius headphone and the Ps5 console’s headphone jack. 

Another way is using a USB connector; you just have to connect the USB A to C cable between the Ps5 and the Mobius headphone. On the Audeze Mobius, you have to select 2 Channel (of Stereo) mode by a long press of the Microphone volume wheel. You might have to unplug and reconnect the USB cable for the Ps5 console to recognise the Mobius headphone. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Audeze Mobius With The PS5?

Whether you get to use the Audeze Mobius through the 3.5mm cable connector or the USB connector, one thing is standard; you get exceptional sound quality which translates to a great gaming experience as it is so immersive. The 3D audio sound is great as well, and this 3D audio can be produced by the Ps5 itself.  The microphone quality is also decent.

The head-tracking features of the Audeze Mobius headphone also make the gaming experience grander. The battery quality is also something every gamer would appreciate. 

Final Thoughts

The Audeze Mobius is a great headphone for gaming. It is top-notch and versatile, with lots of connection options, regardless of your media or devices. It can basically be compatible with whatever device you possess. It is also durable and comfortable for use, as it boasts great build quality. There is also a heavy bass-heavy sound profile that caters well to gaming and other useful options, such as music and conference calls.

The headphone gives an immersive experience while gaming because of their great audio quality, head tracking feature and inbuilt software suite, which helps you keep track of your settings and ensure that things are to your liking. The headphone is generally easy to operate and navigate. In all, it is a great option for gamers.

You might find it a bit expensive, but overall it is worth it. It is up there among the best gaming headphones that you can ever get for yourself.

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