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How Much Do Meta Quest 2 Games Cost?

It is easy to remember a time when it was only PlayStation and Xbox that were the two main console manufacturers trying to take your money by selling your games to play on their systems. However, that is no longer the case, with companies like Nintendo and Meta all making big strides to compete in the games market.

However, in Meta’s case, they are only developing games solely in the VR space. Whereas other producers are still making games for the traditional and the developing VR market. Meta is only making games in the VR world.

How Much do Meta Quest 2 Games Cost___

How Much do Meta Quest 2 Games Cost?

The Meta Quest 2 games vary in price, with some games being free and others costing up to $60. There is a wide range of games to suit every budget.

However, you have to keep in mind that the AAA games are the ones that cost upwards of $50. So, if you were expecting to see “Beat Saber” for free, then you are out of luck, but there is a wide range of indie developers that would give you some free games and some games under that $60 mark.

Do I Have to Buy Games for Meta Quest 2?

The Meta Quest 2 has a wide range of games for you to play, but you have to purchase some of them from the Meta Quest store, where you can find a vast array of games and apps to buy from the store. However, there are some free games you can find on the Meta Quest store that you can download right away and play.

Do I still need a Facebook Account for Meta Quest 2?

Meta requires all of their Meta Quest users to use their Facebook accounts to access and use Meta Quest 2. This allows Meta to track and sync all of the data from their users easily from one place.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Come with Games?

The Meta Quest 2 comes with a variety of pre-installed demo games, including Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, and Journey of the Gods. These games provide users with a taste of the full VR experience and keep them engaged and entertained from the moment they turn on the device.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Work with Steam?

At this present moment, Meta Quest 2 users can only stream VR games from their Steam accounts, but there is a workaround for that, as players using can download VR games directly unto their PCs and play them offline via a direct connection using a USB cable to link with their PCs.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Need a PC to Work_

Does the Meta Quest 2 Need a PC to Work?

Unlike the previous version of the Meta Quest, which had to be connected to a PC to work, this model can work independently without a PC and would work perfectly. However, when it is connected to a PC, it gains a graphical and resolution boost, but it works well without a PC.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Work with a PS5?

Unfortunately, the Meta Quest 2 cannot connect directly with the PS5 system as both devices have differences in their CPU architecture and firmware. However, there is a workaround that would allow players to stream PS5 games on their Meta Quest 2 via their PCs.

Now, this may sound convoluted but stay with me; the first thing you have to do is download the PlayStation remote play app onto your PC by going to the PS remote play site and downloading the PC version.

Then engage the PS remote play mode on your PS5 under your system settings, then move to rest mode settings and activate your PS5 to remain connected to the internet while in rest mode. After that, you can sign into the remote play app using your PlayStation account credentials and play using your VR headsets via a direct USB connection and remote play function.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Work with PCs?

The Meta Quest 2 works directly with a PC via a simple USB connection, and the Meta Quest app runs on the PC. With that activated, you can play VR games directly from your PC, and you would also get a graphical and resolution boost.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Work with a PS4_

Does the Meta Quest 2 Work with a PS4? 

Unfortunately, the Meta Quest to does not work with the PS4, but you can use the same PlayStation remote play work-around previously listed to play PS4 games with your Meta Quest 2.


The Meta Quest 2 is a very good VR headset, and I encourage people to fully experience the VR world with the Meta Quest 2 because the future of gaming is now. There are plenty of games on the Meta Quest store, and they all have different price points to suit every budget.

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