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Will the PS5 Media Remote Work on the PS4?

The PS5 media remote is an accessory that Sony released along with the PS5 to provide users with a simple video play-back option that everyone can use on PlayStation. It was designed to allow everyone to use the PlayStation system even if they don’t know how to use the controller.

 It would provide users with the opportunity to use the PS5 similarly to their tv and DVD player. It is very useful for those who aren’t familiar with using the console as it would quickly give access to the media apps that have been pre-installed on it, like Netflix and Spotify and provide a lot of hassle-free fun for everyone.

Will the PS5 Media Remote Work on the PS4___

Will the PS5 Media Remote Work on the PS4?

Unfortunately, the PS5 media remote will not work on a PS4 due to their differences in firmware and software. This is because the idea of a media remote was not integrated onto the PS4 during its development cycle, but it was implemented onto the PS5, and it is a feature present on the PS5 system settings, whereas the remote media setup is not present on the PS4.

 As of now, there isn’t a system update to provide a backward compatibility function that would allow the PS5 media remote to work on the PS4. However, the PDP Universal remote should work on the PS4, and it works the same way as the PS5 media.

What are the Compatible Devices for the PS5 Media remote?

The PS5 media remote is only compatible with the PlayStation 5 and the TV it is connected to. There are no other devices that can work with the PS5 media remote. Even the control it has over the TV is limited in its scope; it can only turn it off and on and control the volume. The video playback and media apps are only available on PS5.

What are the Features of the PS5 Media Remote?

It has 4 main features;

  • The PS5 media remote has four main action buttons tagged to specific apps: Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and YouTube, all of which can turn on the Tv and PS5 simultaneously and boot up to the specific app you pressed on the remote.
  • The PS5 media remote can turn on your Tv and PS5 simultaneously, and it can also control the volume on your TV. 
  • The PS5 media comes with a built-in microphone that should allow you to give voice commands to your PS5, and you can also use the voice typing function. It is supposed to provide hands-free control to your PS5 
  • It also has easy-to-use video playback controls instead of the complicated PS5 controller.

Is the PS5 Media Remote universal?

The PS5 media remote is not a universal remote. It can’t control your DVD player or other media devices. It can only control your PS5 and the TV it is connected to.

It can’t even connect to a PS4. The software in it makes it so that it can only connect to a PS5.

Can the PS5 Remote Work on Xbox_

Can the PS5 Remote Work on Xbox?

The PS5 media remote cannot work on an Xbox, and this is mainly due to differences in firmware and software integration. The PS5 media remote is made to integrate with the PS5. There are no other devices aside from the TV connected to the PS5 which work with the PS5 media remote.

Does the PS5 Media Remote take Batteries?

The PS5 media remote uses 2 “AA” batteries to work. PlayStation has also conveniently provided the two batteries to come along with the remote.

Do PS5 Media Remote Use Lithium Batteries?

The PS5 media remote does not use Lithium batteries. Rather, it uses 2 “AA” batteries which are made of a mix of alkaline acid, steel, zinc or manganese or potassium, or graphite, with the remaining materials being made of paper and plastic. 

Are PS5 Media Remote Batteries Replaceable?

All “AA” batteries are interchangeable and replaceable. All you have to do is lift the battery case lid on the remote and remove your batteries when they are drained. The PS5 media remote does not have built-in batteries.

How Reliable is the PS5 media Remote Battery Life_

How Reliable is the PS5 media Remote Battery Life?

The PS5 media remote comes with two premium “AA” batteries, and they can last an average of 5-6 months. Which makes them very reliable but if you buy some cheaper ones, they won’t last more than a month and a half.


The PS5 media remote is a very good accessory for anyone who wants to just relax with their PS5 and not always play games on it. It also allows others who aren’t familiar with using the PS5 to use it too. 

However, it is not a universal remote, so it can’t control a wide range of devices with it, but it is still a good device to have on hand.

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