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Is The Thrustmaster TMX Worth It?

In the family of Thrustmaster race gaming wheels family, the TMX is the budget racing wheel as it is relatively cheaper and affords users a grand race gaming experience. However, the question is whether the TMX is worth the money, as it is not the highest-end racing wheel in the series. 

For someone looking for a high-end racing wheel with all the bells and whistles, the TMX is not the best option. However, for someone looking for a budget-friendly racing wheel that still provides a great race gaming experience, the TMX is definitely worth it.

In the article, I will be answering some of the common questions about the Thrustmaster TMX for you to make an informed decision if you decide to buy one. 

Thrustmaster TMX Specifications

Thrustmaster TMX Specifications

The Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel comes with a lot of specifications. It comes with an 11 inches (28 cm) ergonomic rubber wheel that can perform an adjustable 270-900 degrees rotation angle (it is suitable for all types of racing games). It has embedded software that ensures that it is automatically recognised and that all its buttons and menu options work; it has 12 action buttons and a directional pad. 

It also has two 5 inches (13 cm) tall, 100-per cent wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters. There are also two pedals with a wide footrest, an adjustable inclination angle, and progressive resistance for the brake pedal.  The drive system comes with an adjustable force feedback system that lets you feel details like the road or track relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps and impacts while racing. 

You also enjoy precise controls with a 12-bit resolution optical reading for 4096 values on the wheel’s steering axis. There is also a mixed belt-pulley and gears system with a metal ball-bearing axle for smoother and quieter operation. You also enjoy a robust and versatile attachment system with internal memory and upgradeable firmware. 

A great feature is that it is compatible with all mounts (desk, tables etc.)

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Suitable for F1 games?

Once the Thrustmaster TMX is configured correctly, it is good to go for F1 games. The default force feedback for the Thrustmaster TMX is decent, but you might have to fix the force feedback to suit the particular model of the F1 game that you want to play. 

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Good for F1 2021_

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Good for F1 2021? 

You can use the Thrustmaster TMX to play F1 2021 with its default force feedback settings. Though you might have to set the steering angle properly for the game to even be playable. The default force feedback may be quite light for a great gaming experience, so you can tweak it to give it more power. 

It has to be pointed out that the F1 2021 has a bug that causes the Thrustmaster wheels to sometimes have no force feedback, even though the wheel works normally. This happens when the game loses focus. You would have to click the mouse or cursor to bring the game into focus. You can also disconnect and reconnect the wheel.  

The default steering angle in F1 uses the full rotation of the wheel, which is too much for an F1 car, which typically has a maximum 360 degrees rotation – 180 degrees to the left and 180 degrees to the right. You would have to set this in the control panel. This can be annoying if you play a variety of games, having to change the steering angle every time you want to play a different game.   

Does the Thrustmaster TMX have Force Feedback?

The force feedback is a simulation technique used in racing wheels to deliver a true-life representation of actual real-life racing. 

The Thrustmaster TMX has a 900 degrees adjustable force feedback base, allowing you to feel every detail while racing. These details include road or track relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps, impacts and many more. 

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Worth Buying

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Worth Buying?

If you are really into racing games and you are after experiencing the actual simulation, then you should consider getting the Thrustmaster TMX. It gives you that real-life racing experience and comes at a low cost compared to alternatives. It is suitable for all Xbox consoles. And it is also compatible with a  Personal Computer (PC). 

Does the Thrustmaster TMX work on PS4?

The Thrustmaster TMX does not work with a PS4 as it is designed for Xbox consoles only. You would have to get the Thrustmaster T150, which is designed for PlayStation consoles; it would not work on Xbox consoles. 

Is the Thrustmaster TMX  a Good Gaming Wheel?

When you consider the relative cost of the Thrustmaster TMX, it is a good gaming wheel. Overall, it is a mid-range racing wheel as it affords you force feedback to get a feel of the actual racing experience.  

On the force feedback strength, the Thrustmaster TMX is not as strong when compared to other racing wheels. But all in all, it is a good gaming wheel. 

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Compatible with PC?

The Thrustmaster TMX is compatible with a personal computer (PC). You might need to download and install the Thrustmaster drivers to enable the gaming wheel to work with your own PC. 

To set up the Thrustmaster racing wheel on your PC, you have to install drivers and firmware on your Thrustmaster wheel. To do this, head to the Thrustmaster support page, choose the particular wheel and scroll down to the drivers’ section, where you will find a .exe file download for drivers and firmware combined. Then download and install it on your Windows PC. 

The Thrustmaster TMX  vs the Logitech G920 gaming driving wheel

The Logitech G920 is the main competitor to the Thrustmaster TMX. It has a better design than the Thrustmaster TMX and has a more modern feel to it. There is leather around the wheel when compared to the partial plastic, and rubber wheel found in the Thrustmaster TMX. The metal wheel bod of the Logitech G920 is also much more contoured and sleek. 

Generally, the Logitech G920 has a better feeling hand and affords you a grander gaming experience. 

How to turn off the force feedback of the Thrustmaster TMX

How to turn off the force feedback of the Thrustmaster TMX? 

There are two ways you can turn off the force feedback of the Thrustmaster TMX. It is either through the game settings or the Thrustmaster global settings. But the truth is that you would be missing a lot of experience with the force feedback off. The racing experience would not be as grand as it ought to be. 

Final Thought

Overall, there is no doubt that the Thrustmaster TMX is a relatively good gaming wheel that comes with a low budget. The Thrustmaster TMX affords you an opportunity to get the best racing experience with a little cost. 

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