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Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Review and Buyer’s Guide

  • Design - 88%
  • Compatibility - 69%
  • Features - 81%

The Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel is a gaming steering wheel for the Xbox console. It was developed by Thrustmaster and released in 2016.

This racing game steering wheel can be used for fun or to challenge yourself as you race against other people on the track, and it comes with a pedal set.

The Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel offers a range of customisation options so that users can adjust its functions according to their needs when using the product. Overall, the Thrustmaster TMX is considered to be an excellent option for those who want to play driving games.


  • It has smooth force feedback.
  • It gives good value for money.
  • It includes a pedal set.


  • Force feedback doesn’t have great strength.
  • Low-quality pedals.
  • Outdated design.
The Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Price

What is the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel?

The Thrustmaster TMX Racing wheel is a budget wheel designed for Xbox consoles. The wheel is the same as the T150 racing wheel, the only difference being that the TMX is compatible with Xbox consoles, and the T150 is compatible with PlayStation consoles.

It is a console-specific wheel just like the Thrustmaster T150 and the Logitech G29/G920. It has easy menu navigation, a two-pedal set and up to 900° wheel rotation. It is a force feedback racing wheel, an excellent choice for gamers who are new to sim racing.


The TMX racing wheel has a simple but outdated design with the classic A, B, X&Y buttons. It is a plastic wheel with rubber grips on both sides, 12 buttons, a D-pad, a pair of face buttons and a pair of metal paddle shifters behind the wheel that are quite responsive when in use. The wheel has a heavy plastic base, which comes with a clamp to keep it in place during a race. It measures 28cm in diameter which ensures great versatility and rotates between 270°-900°.


The Thrustmaster TMX wheel is compatible with the Xbox consoles as well as all Thrustmaster racing peripherals, such as the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and the Thrustmaster T3PA-pro pedals.


  1. It has a nice ergonomic design.
  2. It is compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox S/X and PC.
  3. It measures 28cm in diameter.
  4. It rotates up to 900° for optimal precision when racing.
  5. It is equipped with 12 buttons and D-pad.
  6. It has silent and realistic force feedback.
Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Review


  • Brand: Thrustmaster.
  • Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox series X, PC.
  • Build: plastic, rubber, metal.
  • Torque: 2Nm.
  • Pedals: 2 sets.
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 11.81 x 13.11 inches.
  • Weight: 11.25 pounds.
  • Display: No.
  • Degree of rotation: 270°-900°
  • Colour: Black.
Is Thrustmaster TMX compatible with Xbox One

Does the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel have force feedback?

The Thrustmaster TMX wheel has realistic and adjustable belt-driven force feedback; it feels natural enough to keep you immersed in the race. The belt transfer is very smooth and quiet. In terms of the force feedback strength, the TMX wheel doesn’t measure up to a lot of racing wheels, but it’s good enough for an entry-level wheel.


The TMX racing wheel performs very well in games mainly because it was specifically designed for the Xbox consoles. It is equipped with functional buttons and has a built-in D-pad that makes it very easy to scroll through menus before you begin a race. It also has smooth and quiet force feedback. This steering wheel is made to give you a realistic driving experience.


This wheel ships with 2 pedals made completely out of plastic which gives it a very cheap, low-quality feel. The brake pedal and throttle offer a level of progressive resistance but doesn’t give the real road feeling. The pedal that ships with this wheel is manageable, but if you want to get the most experience out of your wheel, I would advise you to get the Thrustmaster T3PA-pro pedals.

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Worth It

Buying guide

The Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel is a pretty sturdy entry-level racing wheel with a good level of force feedback to keep you immersed during gameplay but you should be aware of the poor quality pedals and the fact that it doesn’t even get the work done well enough compared to three-pedal sets like the Thrustmaster T3PA-pro pedals with a better build and racing experience.

Is the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel good?

The Thrustmaster TMX wheel is a good wheel that offers great value for your money. The force feedback is smooth, and the strength is OK, but it’s nothing compared to other racing wheels with great versatility and precision when racing.

The pedals included will also work fine for the first few months while you are trying to get used to the sim race.

This is your go-to wheel if you want to get a cheap racing wheel with smooth force feedback.

How much is the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel?

The Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel is a cheap steering wheel with force feedback and two pedal set sold below $200, but if you were buying the Thrustmaster T3PA-pro pedals separately, you would be spending over $300.

Should you buy the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel?

The TMX steering wheel is a comfortable wheel and a good option for persons new to sim racing. For less than $200, you have all the basics (wheel and pedal set) needed to begin a sim race. This force feedback wheel gives you value for your money and gives you the opportunity to race on a budget.

What console is the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel compatible with?

The Thrustmaster TMX is designed for a specific console, the Xbox. Immediately you connect your wheel to your console, it gives the “plug and plays” feature, which automatically means all supported race games will pop up when plugged in. It also works with your PC.

Alternative Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel

The Logitech G29 steering wheel is a close alternative to the Thrustmaster TMX wheel with a modern design and a much nicer feel in hand.

Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Buyer’s Guide

Bottom line

The Thrustmaster TMX is a good entry-level wheel for Xbox and PC users. It is sold at a very affordable price with smooth force feedback. It comes with an incredible amount of features, including force feedback, a nice-looking wheel with many buttons, and decent build quality. 


Q: What is the difference between the Thrustmaster TMX pedal and the Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals?

A: The Thrustmaster TMX wheel comes with two pedals, while the Thrustmaster T3PAPro pedals come with three pedals. You can use both sets of pedals with the Thrustmaster TMX wheel.

Q: Can I use the Thrustmaster TMX racing wheels with my PC?

A: You can use the Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel with a PC.

Q: Does it support the PlayStation console?

A: The Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel does not support the PlayStation consoles.

Q: Are there any Thrustmaster TMX accessories available?

A: There are several accessories for the Thrustmaster TMX on the market, such as the popular steering wheel cover.

Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel Photos

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