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Thrustmaster TMX Vs Logitech G923: Which Is Better?

In the world of gaming wheels, the Thrustmaster TMX and Logitech G923 are popular choices for gaming wheel lovers. Thrustmaster TMX Vs Logitech G923?

In this article, I provide you with insights on both wheels, which would help guide your decision when you have to choose between them. 

What are the differences between the Thrustmaster TMX and the Logitech G923_

What Are The Differences Between The Thrustmaster TMX And The Logitech G923?

There are quite a lot of differences between the Thrustmaster TMX and the Logitech G923, which could serve as premises for deciding which gaming wheel to go for. 

Starting with the wheel, for the Thrustmaster TMX, it just has a simple rubber around it, while for the Logitech G923, the wheel is of great quality as it has leather wrapped around it. The Logitech G923’s wheel also comes with amazing vibrations and “Trueforce” that enhances those vibrations for select games. 

The Thrustmaster TMX also vibrates, but not as much as the Logitech G923. The  Logitech G923 also has new RPM lights on the wheel, which adds so nicely to the immersion. 

Regarding the pedals, though the Logitech G923 has an upgraded brake pedal when compared with the Logitech G920, it is still stiff but actionable. The Thrustmaster TMX features the T3PA pedals with brakes that push down beautifully. And you can also opt to plug in an additional e-brake directly into the unit. 

The Thrustmaster TMX also has a better shifter – the TH8A. The Logitech  G923 also has nice steel paddle shifters, which makes it look expensive. 

Going onto the force feedback, the Logitech G923 has a pretty good one, but it is nowhere near the superior force feedback of the Thrustmaster TMX. 

Another difference is that all feature buttons on the Thrustmaster TMX work for the Xbox. And the Thrustmaster is better supported for some top-quality racing games such as F1. 

Thrustmaster TMX  Vs Logitech G923: Which One Is Better For Racing Games?

This is a straight call for the Thrustmaster TMX because of its superior force feedback mechanism. You get a more true-life presentation of actual racing with it than the Logitech G923. 

Also, it is way easier to control a car with the Thrustmaster TMX, especially in games such as Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Project CARS, and Need for Speed, just to mention a few. The Thrustmaster TMX also affords you a very smooth turning. 

Which one has better build quality_

Thrustmaster TMX  Vs Logitech G923: Which One Has Better Built Quality?

The Logitech G923 has an overall build quality than the Thrustmaster TMX. It has a better wheel quality with hand-stitched leather around the wheel, which gives it a better feel and look. The Logitech G923 also has hard mounting on the wheel and pedal sets (this is absent in the Thrustmaster TMX). The Logitech G923 also has better steel paddle shifters. 

Which One Is More Comfortable To Use? Which One Has Better Buttons And Controls?

In this category, you just have to give it to the Thrustmaster TMX; it is more comfortable to use. 

For the Logitech G923, the wheels feel notchy when being forced to turn when it does not want to. Also, the wheel clicks when you hold it tight; and when the wheel spins out of control, it becomes difficult to keep it straight. You also have to adjust the settings to enjoy your racing experience constantly. 

The shifter of the Logitech G923 also breaks easily or causes you to miss-shift often. It is mostly unreliable for quick shifting while racing. Also, the Logitech G923 zones out every time you pause a game.

You either have to unplug the wheel and plug it back in, or you try to bring the wheel back to where your car is currently, and this is so annoying. 

I have to point out that the buttons and paddle shifter of the Logitech G923 is of better quality than that of the Thrustmaster TMX, but they do not translate to better controls. 

For the Thrustmaster TMX, it is a lot easier to control a car, and you can turn easily. 

Thrustmaster TMX  Vs Logitech G923: Which One Is More Responsive?

The Thrustmaster TMX is more responsive, as you get to exercise better controls. You also do not have to deal with the issue of the wheel zoning out when you pause a game. 

Which one is more durable_

Thrustmaster TMX  Vs Logitech G923: Which One Is More Durable?

In terms of durability, you have to give it to the Logitech G923. With a wheel that comes with all-rounded hand-stitched quality leather and hard mounting on the wheel and pedal sets, the Logitech G923 is expected to last longer than the Thrustmaster TMX. 

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy a degree of durability with the Thrustmaster TMX; it boils down to the rate of usage. 

Thrustmaster TMX  Vs Logitech G923: Which One Offers Better Value For Money? 

This boils down to what you consider as value for your money. Is it the better gaming experience that the Thrustmaster TMX affords you or the overall build quality that you get from the Logitech G923? All in all, both wheels offer value for money. 

Conclusion: Thrustmaster TMX Vs Logitech G923

Both wheels have advantages in different areas over the other. And your judgement of what matters the most when racing would help you call the shot as to which wheel you choose.  If it boils down to the build quality for you, then the Logitech G923 does it for you though the gaming experience would not be as grand as with the Thrustmaster TMX. 

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