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FIFA 2022 Game Review: Is This Game Worth Buying?

Discover all you need to know about the new FIFA 2022 Football Game.

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FIFA 2022 Game Review: Is This Game Worth Buying?

The FIFA 2022 game is a football simulation game produced by Electronic Arts. It is an update to the EA sports football gaming series and was released on the 1st of October, 2021. 

This game was released on the Xbox series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Windows. It is available in the Ultimate edition and the Standard edition.

It also introduces an AI-based technology (Hypermotion Technology) to the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions which uses motion capture for high-intensity football games and responsiveness of every player in the game. 

This review will be covering all aspects of this game, including gameplay, graphics, sounds and more!

Football Game FIFA 2022 Review
Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 2022 Game

The Gameplay

The FIFA 2022 game is a video game based on football matches, and the major aim is to score goals. In this game, gamers can now make use of a deliberate approach to breach the defences of their opposition rather than the high-pace attribute, so the game looks more realistic and rewarding for football simulation games purists. 

In this version of FIFA, you can play as any team from around the world with over 200 players that are ready to take part in your matches. You also have the ability to create custom teams, and the goalkeepers can now make saves better than before. 

The Hypermotion technology is the best new feature the FIFA 22 video game offers. It uses 11v11 advanced match capture to provide more gameplay variations. 

Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 2022 Game

EA sports gathered data from actual players and made movement and players in this game realistic and react realistically in situations like passing, clash or shooting, which means over 4000 new animations have been added to the FIFA 22 gameplay and online matches.

This game also has a career mode, which gives you set objectives that you need to accomplish, one of which is the need to impress your manager.

You also get to play games in simulation mode. The most popular online mode is the Ultimate Team. 

Here, you can build a team with cards representing real-life players and ratings based on their current achievements or ability. The best part is that as the player grows and gets better in real life, so does he in the game.

FIFA 2022 Football Game Review

Also, EA has reduced the number of games needed to be played in the FUT Champions Weekend League game mode from thirty to twenty, and the qualification process has changed too.

Now, you need to qualify for a five-game Playoff champions stage first, which means you need to get enough points in the Division Rivals mode, but if you don’t get enough points, you can keep the one you have to qualify for the coming week.

This game includes a Create A Club feature with about eighty shirt designs with real templates from the likes of Nike, Puma and Adidas. This option lets you customise and put in the detail you want on your player’s outfits. 

The Hypermotion technology won’t be available on the PS4 or Windows version of the FIFA 22 game because the game requirements might slow down your PC or the game gets slow itself.

Another feature is the kinetic air battles. This captures air battles with players trying to get the ball by jumping and heading for it.

Paul Pogba in FIFA 2022 Game


In terms of visuals, there have been some improvements made to the game’s overall quality. Players look more detailed than ever before, while stadiums have received upgrades too. All of these changes help improve the realism of the game. 

The new animation technology used for this game makes it a beautiful game to play as everything looks more realistic, from the clothes to the hair and even the players’ facial expressions.

Even the grass on the pitch is detailed and textured. But, the graphics of this game are based on your gaming console. It’s better on some consoles than the other, but I believe you would get the best of this football simulation game on a PS5 console.


The FIFA 22 game has great sound quality and an impeccable soundtrack by diverse international artists. It features artists like Area 21, Baby Queen, Easy life, Enny, Inhaler, Jungle, Sir Was, Yard Act, Aluna, Bluey, Crush Club and many more.

This video game has a total of 122 songs representing 27 nations for both the FIFA VOLTA mode and the main game soundtrack. 

FIFA 2022 Football Game Scoring


The FIFA 22 football simulation game is just like the previous series of the FIFA game, with just a few upgrades from its predecessors. 

Its use of real-life football players and teams allows gamers to experience virtual football gaming in a more realistic way. 

You will see 22 players move across the pitch in a manner which players would move in the actual FIFA 2022 wearing Xsens suits, and EA recorded high-quality movement data that sounds just like real-human movement.

The FIFA 22 game now has improved features of varying degrees and different editions; you also get to choose your players and customise their appearance to your desire. 

After this game has finished loading on your monitor, you will see an opening intro where you create an avatar and dribble through the streets of Paris with Thierry Henry, David Beckham and more to get you warmed up.

The FIFA Ultimate Team is the most sought after mode in this game and as a result, the offline mode has been neglected. The price for the standard edition of the FIFA 22 game is £59.99/$59.99, while the Ultimate edition costs £89.99/$99.99.

Football Game FIFA 2022 Review - The Pros and Cons


  1. Hypermotion technology.
  2. Great visuals and audio.
  3. Match simulation ability.


  1. The menu is not well arranged.
  2. Hypermotion technology is only available for PS5 and Xbox series X editions.
FIFA 2022 Football Game Reviews

Is the FIFA 2022 Game worth buying?

The FIFA 22 game of football is excellent. The EA Sports in this new series introduced a new feature that includes the Hypermotion technology, which is the best feature this game has as an updated gameplay system, and the ability to switch to different modes. So yes, it is worth buying.

FIFA 2022 Gameplay


FIFA games are one of the best selling video games in the market, and this is not any different with stunning visuals and gameplay alterations. It is packed with the usual yearly iteration but with more improvements. 

The new features that FIFA 22 has to offer make it a game that every football gaming lover would want to get their hands on. 

It is more like a colourful version of the actual football match that gives you the experience of playing actual football.

FIFA 2022 Game Photos

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