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Is the Oculus Quest 2 Worth Buying?

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Is the Oculus Quest 2 Worth Buying?

The Oculus quest 2 is a great improvement from the previous version. The Quest 2 has more rest area for your thumb and it weighs 503 grams which are 10% lighter than the previous version.

The upgraded new VR-optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor chip makes it appear crisper even at the edges to create cleaner graphics with higher display resolution and a better refresh rate. 

Quest 2 offers a variety of VR related functions for its users that is not exclusive to just gaming activities and It is also very easy to carry around. I think the oculus quest 2 is still worth buying and not just hype.

Is Oculus Quest 2 the best VR?

The Oculus quest 2 is still one of the best VR devices on the market. With its new software upgrade, you can pair your quest 2 with Keyboards or connect to your PC wirelessly and have access to control your monitor. The Quest 2 also offers an array of Virtual reality activities that range from work to social events and of course gaming on different platforms and even more impressive is that it comes at a very affordable price for the kind of value you get.

Is Oculus Quest 2 the best VR

Why is the Oculus Quest 2 Cheap?

The oculus quest 2 comes in two different models. The 64GB storage model retails at $299 and the 256GB for $399.This is technically not a cheap price but if you compare quest 2 with the oculus quest then the oculus quest 2 is cheap because of the new features that come at this affordable price.

You would be saving a lot of money and getting your money’s worth for a standalone VR device that can be used for various activities without actually connecting the headset to a PC

What can you do with Oculus Quest 2 besides games?

The oculus quest 2 is not just exclusive to gaming. With the headset, you can attend live social events or gatherings from the comfort of your home which is useful for hanging out with friends across the world, especially in the post-pandemic era where travelling is restricted.

It is also not just limited to social gatherings and it is useful for work-related conferences or you can participate in instructor-led workouts with the quest 2 fitness monitor. You can connect with old Facebook friends or make new friends in VR play. You can also pair your keyboard or PC and control your monitor at your own comfort.

Which is better Oculus quest or Oculus Quest 2

Which is better: Oculus quest or Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus quest 2 is definitely a much-deserved upgrade from the oculus quest. In terms of the design, the Quest 2 has much bigger and sturdier with more rest area for your thumb and it weighs 503 grams which are easier to carry around with the lightweight flex traps attached compared to the first Quest which was at least 10% heavier to carry around.

The quest 2 also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and the audio sounds better than the oculus quest so much that you do not necessarily need external headphones. 

The upgraded new  XR2 chip reduces lower-res halo on the sharp corners of the display that was due to fixed foveated that rendered the centre of the display to appear ultrasharp to help the older processor. Basically, It is crisp now even at those sharp corners and this creates a very clean graphic that can be used for room tracking or mixed reality.

What can you do with Oculus Quest 2 besides games

Also, the new XR2 processor compared to the  Snapdragon 835 that was for the first Quest is far more advanced and one of the best right now. So the Quest 2 gives an overall smoother experience for the user with a refresh rate of above 90Hz sometimes 120HZ for some apps while the Oculus quest could only run at 72Hz. Also, the Oculus Quest 2 has a higher display of 1,832×1,920-per-eye pixel resolution compared to the 1,400×1,600 on the first Quest and this removes a lot of the “screen door” pixelation.

To top of the software upgrades, you would be saving a lot of money for much more value than you would be getting with the oculus quest 2. The Oculus Quest is still a very good VR headset but the Oculus quest is a better upgrade for your money’s worth.

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