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NieR Automata Game Review and Buying Guide: Discover the Pros and Cons

  • Game Story And Characters - 80%
  • Graphics - 89%
  • Sound - 82%
  • Playability - 88%

NieR Automata game is an action-based role-playing game that was developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix in the year 2017. The video game was initially released on the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platform before it was later released on Xbox One a year after. NieR Automata game is a video game that depicts the combat between assailant Alien-Machines and human androids.

According to the storyline, there was an attack against humanity on earth by raider machines from another world, and to reclaim the lost planet, humans developed and sent android soldiers to destroy the raiders in a counterattack.

NieR Automata is the second game in the NieR series, a follow-up to the first game in the series; NieR, the gameplay was set thousands of years later in the year 11945 AD after humanity have been chased away from earth to live on the moon.

If you haven’t played the NieR Automata game before or you’re new to the game, then this NieR Automata Game Review is a must-read for you, as I will be discussing the game story, its playability, graphics, sound effects, and significant features that make the game an impressive and spectacular game to play even till date.


  • The sound effects are top-notch and perfect for the game
  • The storyline is complex but gets interesting the more you unlock higher levels of the game.
  • Every stage of the combat can be customized to the taste of the player through the Chip system of the game. 
  • The Android characters of the game are superb in combat and attributes.


  • You will come across several invisible walls while playing the game. As your eye will be seeing an entry path but the game will state otherwise.
  • It has a misleading Minimap which usually disrupts players’ exploration of the game.
  • The combat at some levels of the game was too easy and not challenging enough.
  • The game story ending can be a bit confusing because of its multiple play-throughs.


The NieR Automata game plot revolves around the battle between the invading Alien-Machines from another universe and human-developed androids. The androids were developed by human resistant forces and commanded from their bunker base above the earth, these android’ armies are built devoid of feelings, and they are known as YoRHa. The androids can be distinguished by their different attributes and are identified in Alpha-numeral names.

The characters you will come across in the NieR Automata game are listed below:

2BA female android who is the first main cast of the story, she is brave and confident in her actions/attacks
9SA male scanner-android who specializes in hacking into the enemy’s system. He provides support and fights alongside 2B and he’s also the second main character in the game
A2A female, third main lead android in the gameplay with a reticent attribute and prefers to operate alone. The first developed YoRHa Androids.
Pod 042This is a ranged weapon robot shaped like a box.
Pod 153This is a ranged weapon robot shaped like a box.
AnemoneThis is the leader of the resistance and YoRHa’s Army
PascalThis robot works as a support for the protagonists and a leader of his robot colony 
DevolaThis android also supports and works together with the resistance Army. The android model is the same as that of the previous NieR game
PopolaThis android also supports and works together with the resistance Army. The android model is the same as that of the previous NieR game.
EmilHe was a cast in the previous NieR game but has recently lost his memory. Adam – He is the twin leader of the Alien-Machine Army and the antagonist of the NieR Automata game.
AdamTwin leader of the Alien-Machine Army and the antagonist of the NieR Automata game.
EveTwin leader of the Alien-Machine Army and the antagonist of the NieR Automata game.
Red girlsThey are built within the Network of the Machine.

The game plot started with the YoRHa 2B and 9S; with YoRHa 2B and her squad trying to infiltrate a factory to destroy a Goliath-class machine stationed on earth, but they were all gun-down by the enemies and only 2B survived the attack on her unit. Then YoRHa 2B is ordered to team up with 9S to gather information about the machines to enable the resistance army to defeat the enemies and reclaim Earth. The game player takes up the role of 2B in the game, the two casts will encounter the alien machines in long-range and up-close battles to defeat their opponent.

After a long search, 2B and 9S were able to locate Goliath but while trying to take down the power machine, 9S sustained a critical injury protecting 2B. Though 2B was able to defeat Goliath with the assistance of 9S and his unit, she too sustained serious damage to her system.

To preserve her memory for transfer into another android body in case she gets destroyed, 9S uploaded her Data bank to the YoRHa’s bunker but didn’t have enough time to do the same for his memory bank as they were already surrounded by the enemies and had to initiate self-destruct killing themselves and all the aliens in that scene.

After the event, they both woke up in a new body on their space bunker, 2B with her memory intact but 9S without any memory of her or the previous events that brought them together.

They are both paired again for a new mission to provide support to the resistance during which they came face to face with Adam and Eve; the two human-like machine who controls the other machines. The YoRHa android will also meet Pascal who manages the non-hostile machine in the city and together they defeated the Goliath army that attacked them but not without damage to the city from where an underground base operated by the aliens was exposed.

However, the alien operators have been killed by Adam and Eve, who had taken control of the base with the intent to destroy humanity completely. The YoRHa android 2B and 9S battled and defeated both machines even though they still escaped later. While exploring the base, the YoRHa Androids learned that the machines were exploring human behaviour and civilization. 

On the mission, the Androids came across a supposedly rogue YoRHa android A2, whose case is said to be classified when 9S tried to probe into why she was tagged, a rogue android. Later, 9S was kidnapped by Adam and 2B had to rescue him and kill Adam. However, while in recovery 9S discovered that humanity has gone to extinction way before the invasion of Machines and the last remains of humanity is an incomplete genome.

After discovering that Adam was killed by 2B, Eve took command of all the machines in an attack of rage but was killed as well by the YoRHa Androids but not before Eve infected 9S with logic virus leaving 2B with no choice but to kill 9S after his memory was saved to be installed in another android body.

Later, in the third play-through of the game, the logic virus corrupts all the YoRHa Androids apart from the recently installed 9S and 2B. Although 2B still got infected later after the two of them were separated during the mission. While she was looking for a safe hideout to avoid infecting other androids, she was discovered by A2.

Due to the gravity of the infection, 2B urged A2 to kill her after giving her the sword containing her uploaded memory but right at that moment, they were discovered by 9S who assumed that A2 attacked and killed 2B. And almost immediately there was an earthquake causing a large tower built by the machines to emerge from the ground separating both A2 and 9S before they could attack themselves.

After the events at the tower, A2, the sole survivor amongst her unit (the first set of YoRHa Androids to be developed) met with Pascal for the replacement of her fuel filter when his colony was attacked, and they fought side-by-side to defeat the machine but at the cost of the baby machine commuting suicide out of fear of been attacked by the machine.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Pascal pleaded with A2 to either kill him or reset his memory. On the other hand, an unstable 9S continue his investigation of the tower with assistance from Devola and Popola, and there he discovered that the YoRHa was designed to fail right from the start in a continuous succession of events.

Also, it was uncovered that 2B was designed as 2E and assigned to 9S to always kill him whenever he learns the truth, and many more discoveries about humanity and the origination of machines.

9S was able to gain access to the tower after series of combat with the enemies but by then he has already been infected with the logic virus which has gradually taken over his system.

Moreover, A2 also gained access to the tower but before she could locate 9S, she was confronted by a new character N2 a computer program, who happened to be the originator of this cycle of war, having discovered other revelations, A2 battled and destroyed its consciousness. After which, you will see an unstable 9S challenge A2 to combat at the top of the tower.

It is from this point that the gameplay splits into multiple endings. And its also at this point that the player decides on which character to play. In one ending, A2 was able to save 9S from the logic virus while sacrificing itself to destroy the tower.

And in another ending, both A2 and 9S androids are killed themselves in their battle against each other but before 9S finally died, it was revealed that the tower was meant to fire an ark filled with data information and machines (including Adam and Eve) into space. Another ending simply saves the data memory of all three main Android characters, 2B, 9S, A2. This is achieved when Pod 042 and Pod 153 refuse to destroy the YoRHa data in a game battle with the end credits.

Although, with the main characters been restored, there is a likelihood of them following the same battle path all over again. But there is a chance that they could create a new path for themselves free from their past.


There are three main versions of the NieR Automata game, and they are: –

  • NeiR Automata: Standard edition
  • NeiR Automata: Game of YoRHa Edition
  • NeiR Automata: Become as gods edition

 The Game of the YoRHa package consists of the game, DLC, and bonus features for an amazing gaming experience. This version is readily available on PS4 and Microsoft Windows. The become as god’s edition is a special edition of the game released only for Xbox in 2018.


The developer of the game was more particular about the loading and running of the game than a grand visual attribute. The graphic quality of the game is quite low compared to the standard of the game. I wish the developer could have done more on the graphics of the game as well.

The background of the game was designed to look washed-out and fading, creating a lifeless and sad-looking environment that fits the idea behind the story. As for the graphic aspects of the game, it is quite difficult optimizing the resolution of the game on PS4 compared to the PC.

The PC version of the game has an excellent and quality screen resolution at a stable framerate. Whereas the PS4, although not that bad, still struggles with screen quality especially when more enemies appear on the screen.


One of the perks of the game is the sound, NeiR Automata amongst games has one of the most astonishing soundtracks that complement perfectly well with both the game plot and visuals. The soundtrack of the game was composed by Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi, and Kuniyuki Takahashi. The lead composer, Keiichi Okabe’s work has always been mind-blowing as seen in the previous series.

At some point during the game, I get so overwhelmed with emotions from cold chills to high vibes just experiencing the perfect blend of vocals and visuals. I even have some of the soundtracks on my playlist just so you know how good the game sound is.

As for the sound effects, it’s perfect as I didn’t encounter any sound or technical issue with the NeiR Automata game, if any glitch should occur it would be the audio output of the hardware, you’re using to play the game.


The game is available to play on PS4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. You can also play the game on the PS5 after you must have updated to the newest software version but with some missing key features compared to playing on the PS4.

The game was initially released on PS4 and PC before it was later released for Xbox a year later. And the game supports single-player mode only. All through the game, the player gets to change roles amongst the game characters. There is an array of different combat weaponry ranging from swords to bracers with unique capabilities; that is available to players in the game.

NeiR Automata features twenty-six (26) game ending; Five (5) of which are the main endings are labelled A to Z and the remaining twenty-one (21) additional endings F to Z that are launched by achieving some tasks in the main game.


NieR Automata is affordable and can be ordered from any game store outlet or online. The price of NeiR Automata varies depending on the gaming platform and the edition of the NeiR Automata video game. If you are buying from an Amazon store, the current price (excluding shipping) for the different editions of the game on PS4 are; $25 for the Game of the YoRHa edition and $23 for the Standard edition. While the third version which is only available on Microsoft Xbox costs $40. Please note that these prices might vary depending on the game store or your current location.

Also, there is an option for Add-on to the video game, NeiR Automata: 3C3C1D119440927 and it cost $9.99.


There are a handful of games that are similar to the NieR Automata apart from the other games in the series. And few of such games are Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 strikers, Horizon Zero dawn, Bayonetta, Bright Memory, and Scarlet Nexus.

You can always look out for these other games as well, the next time you are visiting a game store.


Yes, the game is worth every penny. It is a must-have in your game collections. The NieR Automata video game, just like others developed by Platinum Games, is engaging with a well-thought-through plot.


Truthfully this is one of the best RPG games that I have ever come across and played. The storyline might seem a bit complex but it’s an awesome video game with its several game endings and some of which was emotional for me. NieR Automata game features a total of 26 different play-throughs, some of which are engaging, and some can be a bit confusing, especially if it’s your first time playing a NieR game series.

The game design, visuals, and sound are just a perfect blend for a spectacular and mind-blowing gaming experience.

FAQ – NieR Automata Game Review

Is NieR Automata a good game?

Yes, it is a great game to play. With its unique and compelling gameplay that keeps you glued on the game

What is the meaning of NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is a Japanese action game developed by Platinum Games and released in the year 2017. It’s the sequel of the first game “NeiR”. And it’s a role-playing game where the player takes up the role of the main Android cast.

Is NeiR Automata a fighting Game?

Yes, NieR Automata is a full-action combat game, it is a role-playing game (RPG), and the Player gets to enjoy the whole fight and action in the game.

Is NeiR Automata better than replicant?

Both games are great, and it doesn’t matter the one you play first, and both share similar features. The replicant is a sequel to the Automata and it is more like a re-make of the NeiR game. The only major difference is the length of the video game.

What are some things you can do with NieR Automata?

In the NieR Automata game, the three main lead Androids characters can be controlled by the game player.

Does the game have any flaws and what should I be aware of?

The major flaw and challenge to look out for in this game are the invisible walls you will encounter while playing the game like this can be very deceptive to the player while on the game.

What are the editions of the game?

So far there are three major editions of the NieR Automata games, which all vary in cost and features. The editions of the games are – NeiR Automata: Standard edition, NeiR Automata: Game of YoRHa Edition, and NeiR Automata: become as gods edition.

How long is the game?

The average playtime for the whole NeiR Automata game is between 40-50hours.

Why should you buy it?

It’s one of the best games you will ever come across in recent times, with its captivating game story and game features. With its different elements of surprise at each play-through.

What is Nier Automata YoRHa?

YoRHa is the name given to the human resistance force in the game.

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