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Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Review and Buying Guide

Is The Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Worth Playing?

  • Game Story And Characters - 80%
  • Graphics - 80%
  • Gameplay - 79%

The Sackboy A Big Adventure is a platform game published in November 2020 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

The Sumo Digital developed game is a spinoff from the LittleBigPlanet series and follows the story of Sackboy. This particular platform video game features 3D platforming, unlike the other entries before the game that were 2.5D.

Since the release of this video game a year ago, it has received positive worldwide reviews from both gamers and critics. And in this review of Sackboy’s A Big Adventure, I will be discussing everything you need to know about the game and guide you as you make a decision to experience the adventure of this crafty World.


  • Support single-player and online Multiplayer.
  • The gameplay is interesting and challenging.
  • The game level designs and mechanics are well structured and fantastic.
  • The game support co-op play of up to four players.


  • The game is quite pricey.
  • Some of the levels in the game requires multiple players.
  • The boss fights are predictable most of the time and very easy.
  • Game ending fanfare was too long.

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Ferocious Villain - Vex - Sackboy A Big Adventure Game

Game Story And Characters

The Entire game follows the story of Sackboy’s adventure to save his people and Craftworld from an evil Enemy. There is a village called Loom in Craftworld, where the Sack people live in harmony and enjoy their community. 

Then one day, a Ferocious Villain, called Vex, came through the Sky and dragged up everything in the village with his machines enslaving the people of Loom to make his Topsy-Turver machine. His evil plan is to use the Topsy-Turver Machine to take over the Craftworld.

Sackboy, who avoided the captivity of Vex, was able to escape with the plans to the Topsy-Turver Machine in a rocket to Craftworld. With the help of an elder Sack person, Scarlet, he uses the plan to travel around the Craftworld to prevent Vex from obtaining the final material required to complete the Machine and take over the entire Craftworld.

Sackboy A Big Adventure Game - Ferocious Villain


The visual of the game world is beautifully set with the graphic design blending with the gameplay and the fantastic level design. I must say that the game developer did a wonderful job in visualising his ideas into this graphic world. 

The Sackboy A Big Adventure game runs effortlessly at 60fps on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 

Though graphically, you can’t expect the same outcome from the two PlayStation’s, as the PlayStation 5 graphics will be more enhanced than its counterpart because its hardware internals is far more powerful. 

For the screen resolution of the game, it will run effortlessly at a max resolution of 1080p but not efficiently on the dynamic 4k that most players would have expected the game to run at, especially for a PlayStation next-gen console.

Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Review and Buying Guide - PS5


One of the impressive features of the Sackboy A Big Adventure game is the soundtracks used in the game. Most of the soundtracks are originally composed specifically for the game and a few other interesting remixes of familiar classical music. The sound composers and game developers outdid themselves with the perfect combination of sound and gameplay for each game level.

A player should not have any issue with the audio sound of this game except if your hardware is faulty or the audio setting has been tampered with, which you might just simply reset to the default settings.

Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Buying Guide


In the Sackboy A Big Adventure video game, the player controls the game’s main character, Sackboy, as he explores the world using the maps provided in the game to access the various platforming game levels and bonus stages. 

As the player completes a new level, another new one is unlocked, and so the game progresses. 

At each level of the game, the player is tasked to amass collectable objects known as Dreamer Orbs which are to be collected vastly if the player wants to advance to the game’s end.

The game mechanics have been significantly upgraded with more moves and activities compared to previous games. The player can pick up items, plunge, roll around, flutter jump, and so many other actions.

The gameplay has been programmed in such a way that to progress in each level of the game, a series of interactable objects have been set that will require the use of at least one of Sackboy’s moves. 

Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Review

A feature of the game is the Grappling Hook that was in the LittleBigPlanet 2 game but is now renamed Clawstring, which allows the player to grab objects from a far distance. 

Then we also have other features like the Plasma Pumps, which allows the player to linger on the sky while firing energy blasts, the Whirlpool, which can be thrown to break objects and at enemies to defeat them. Also, Sackboy can use the new power-ups in several stages.

Sackboy A Big Adventure game supports both single-player and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is playable both locally and online, supporting up to four players. 

There are game levels that require multiple players (it could be Online Co-op play), and they are specially designed for the players to work together in order for them to advance in each world. Initially, the video game was not developed to support online play but the feature was updated a month after its release.

Vex in the Sackboy A Big Adventure Game

Similar Games

The adventure games that share similarities to the Sackboy A Big Adventure games are: Planet Alpha, Dadish 2, Hell Pie, Minecraft Earth, Pikuniku, Pepper Grinder, Hytale, Little Misfortune, Never give up, New Super Lucky’s tale, Kena Bridge of Spirits, Citadel Forged with Fire, Mail Mole, Phogs, just to mention a few.

Is Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Worth Buying?

Yes, Sackboy A Big Adventure is an interesting platform adventure game to play, even with it being a spin-off LittleBigPlanet series. If you love adventure or platforming games and have a PlayStation 5 or 4, this is a game I can bet you will enjoy your money’s worth.



This 3D platformer genre game is sure to wow you with its unique combination of delightful level design and awesome play mode; the game is simply addictive, especially if you are a big fan of adventure games or LittleBigPlanet fans. 

Sackboy A Big Adventure is a remarkable, charming and beautiful game with innovative gaming levels that focus on co-op playing with friends or game partners either online or physically.

Though the game is a spin-off of the LittleBigPlanet series, it doesn’t feature the community sharing or level editor that the series is known for rather focuses on the story of Sackboy’s adventure of gathering collectables, snatching point bubbles and thrashing foes to save Craftworld and his people.

In my opinion, I believe, the game developer may perhaps have done better with its platforming so it could be notable amongst its peers of the same genre. But aside from this, the game is sure to take you on a sensational adventure that is fun and entertaining.

Sackboy Video Game

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