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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game Review and Buying Guide

Is The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game Worth Playing?

  • Game Story And Characters - 90%
  • Graphics and Sound Design - 89%
  • Gameplay - 89%

The Super Smash Bros series is a Nintendo franchise created by Masahiro Sakurai. The Nintendo published series is a crossover-fighting game, and the main goal is for players to build up the damage counter and knock out adversaries from the game. 

The original game had twelve playable characters, and that increased gradually with every new release of the game, including third-party characters.

The first of the game series was released in the year 1999; Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64, and later in the year 2001 for GameCube a second instalment was published; Super Smash Bros Melee, followed by a third instalment in the year 2008 for Wii; Super Smash Bros Brawl. 

HAL Laboratory developed the first two releases of the Super Smash Bros game. At the same time, the third chapter was a collaboration of companies: Sora Ltd and game Arts. The fourth game in the series was released for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2014 while the latest and fifth game, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, was released for Nintendo Switch on the 7th of December 2018.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate game was developed by Sora limited in collaboration with Bandai Namco Studios.


  • The game contains all-star characters from the various Nintendo games.
  • The game supports both local and online play.
  • The Super Smash Bros Ultimates supports multiplayer of up to eight players.
  • The gameplay is easy to play and understand for first-time players.
  • Characters featured in the video game are unique and exciting.


  • The graphics of the first three releases of the Super Smash Bro are when compared to the latest release for the Nintendo switch.
  • The characters appearing in some of the series were too much and annoying at some point.
  • The online multiplayer mode is not so great when it comes to gameplay performance.
Super Smash Bros Game

Game Story And Characters

The playstyle and game plot for the Super Smash Bros game series is different from every other fighting genre game because for a player to win against its opponents, the player has to knock out the competition of the screen instead of draining the life bar of the opponent. The game character has a damage counter which reads and increases as the player gets smash attacks.

The opponent characters can be knocked continuously farther out of the stage boundary in any direction by the opponent attack. An off-stage character has the option to return back to the game stage with jumping moves and the ability to recover back on stage.

Also, the characters vary in weight and therefore, for the lightweight character, it is easier to launch them compared to their heavyweight counterparts.

The Rules of the match varies depending on the game being played, but the two used settings are Time and Stock. 

The time mode is point-based, where players earn for opponent attacks and lose points when being knocked out or falling off the stage, and the player with the highest point wins the match. 

Super Smash Bros Game Reviews

While the stock mode is life-based, where players are given a stock (a set number of life) which deplete anytime they are knocked out, the winner of the match will be the last player after all others must have been eliminated from the game or the player with the highest life stock when the game time elapses, this mode is also known as Survival. 

In cases where there is a tie after a match, a Sudden Death attack is performed to choose a winner, the players involved are given a 300% damage counter to launch off the stage, the last character standing is declared the winner and if it ends in a tie again, this process is repeated till a winner is identified.

The Super Smash Bro game series features many of the popular characters in the Nintendo franchise. Although the original game started with just twelve playable characters over the years, they have been gradually increased with each new release. Some of the popular franchises are Metroid, Kirby, Pokémon, Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox.

Few characters in the ultimate, Brawl and Melee instalment of the series, can change into other forms with entirely different battle moves and play styles.

Super Smash Bros Game Review


The visual effects and background setting of the video game are well presented and capture the idea behind the game plot. The graphics of the Super Smash Bro have been greatly improved compared to the original release of the game.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate runs at a framerate of 60fps even with eight players on the game, and the screen resolution when docked runs at 1080p and at portable mode drop to 720p.

However, irrespective of the version of the Super Smash Bros game series, you (the player) are sure to enjoy a beautifully crafted game that looks good on screen in addition to the spectacular experience of all-star characters.


Super Smash Bros is a crossover fighting game, and as such, there are different sound effects used for each action performed in the game. The game’s sound has various audio effects for activities such as punches, kicks, jump, heavy hit, slash, slap, fire, throw, water and much more. 

The audio sound used in the games are Original created mainly for the game, and the audio sound used is great and beautifully composed.

Another unique feature of the Super Smash Bros game is the music selector option, where a player can decide on the music track to play at a particular stage in the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Video Game


The Super Smash Bros games support both single-player and multiplayer mode but the game series at most times has been recognised more for the multiplayer battles than the single-player battles, although the game offers a lot of mechanics and features for solo play as well. 

In the gameplay, players mostly fight one another making use of the array of playable characters appearing in each new instalment of the game series from favourites cast like Mario and Kirby to newcomers like King K Rool, Bayonetta and so on.

The game controls are simplified for use; one control button is for the standard attacks while the other is for special attacks. The directional controls, together with the attack button, are used to accomplish various kinds of moves. 

The video game has different types of attacks; special attacks, mid-air attacks, and smash attacks, there is also a shield button that grants the player access to a defensive shield but with consistent use, this shield weakens and if it breaks it disrupts the player’s movement. 

With the combination of the shield button, directional control and attack button, players can perform some specific actions like dodges, grabs, throws and rolls. The basic gameplay activities of the Super Smash Bros games are grabbing, attack and shielding.

If a player kicks an opponent out of the game stage, it can execute an action known as edge-guarding to prevent the character from jumping back to the stage.

Super Smash Bros Game Pros and Cons

Similar Games

Suppose you are a fan of the Super Smash Bros series and love the experience. 

In that case, there are several other great games you can give a trial and just to mention a few of them we have Brawlout, Gang Beasts, Rivals of Aether, TowerFall Ascension, Super Smash Flash 2, Slap City, Brawlhalla, Nidhogg 2, and Stick Fight: The Game.

Is The Super Smash Bros Game Worth Buying?

Yes, any of the Super Smash Bro games you are buying (depending on your hardware of choice) is worth buying and having in your game collection. The game is fun and exciting, with the various playable characters from different Nintendo franchises. The game series is available on platforms such as; Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii.

Mario - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game


The Super Smash Bros Ultimate game is an exciting video game franchise about cross-fighting involving all the star cast from different Nintendo games. The objective of the game is to smash your rivals out of the game screen using the skills and features available to you in the game. 

The games in this Super Smash Bros Ultimate series are exciting and fun with the addition of new items, tools, attack modes and features to every new release of the game. The game keeps getting better and improving with each new entry release. And the last entry being Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best so far.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with about seventy-four characters, one hundred and eight stages and over a thousand spirit characters to collect, offers the best Super Smash experience compared to previous games in the series.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game Photos

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